Post rare/underused reaction images and gifs

Post rare/underused reaction images and gifs.

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more loud house like this

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One of my favs

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Took me a while to track down this one.

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>no one will believe you

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>be me
>be forced to check my own dubs...

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Id fucking cum all over that

Is that a Chissy or a Blansey? I can never remember witch is witch.

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Chansey. The head tentacle things turn into like fat curly hair or something when it evolves to blissey.

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lmao this ones great

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Where did ya get these?

s4 ep20 at the 6min 9sec mark

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Wait, that's legit from the show?


signals music studio gettin' lit

I make my own, but sadly I never get the chance to use them much.

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Do you have any with Megumin?


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Where is this from?


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Léon: The Professional

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thanks, I thought it was from that 90's Casper movie at first

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