Social worker here. All I see are fucked up lives. Want do you want to know about?

Social worker here. All I see are fucked up lives. Want do you want to know about?

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Why are you risking your job for a shitpost without a timedatestamp or anything user

Now that Epstein in in hiding, where can we go for a nice underage orgy?

Do you make peoples problems worse or better?

Nah, not risking anything.

Long term, better. Short term, sometimes it's a mess.

do you ever think that in your line of work you start to assume the worse and lose objectivity?

i have been involved in a lot of cases of cps overreach and abuse so looking for a honest opinion from someone on your side

how many children have you seen obviously raped and beaten but the foster family denies it?

have you ever had sex with one of the lives that you have helped?

How many children have you dealt with who have been raped by parents/family members? How often was it the mother/a female?

Unfortunately, when I assume the worst I am usually right. People are so fucked up and terrible. But sometimes they surprise you.

do you guys handle mentally children adults

A lot.


Cheese pizza. Do you deliver?

Many. Rarely is it the mother. More often the sister.


Just pick-up, then. Okay.

but how do you know for sure ?
you are in a situation to demand both the prof and to define the limit of what prof is needed

also are you in a state that gives cash incentives for placement of children

If you say so

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Don't you think that's a dangerous perspective? It's one thing to recognize possibilities. It's another to assume the conclusion. Even saying they sometimes surprise you seems to mean you go into expecting the worst. It is hard to believe that doesn't cloud your judgment.

The amount of CP that is shared online is a tiny slice of the pie. So many are smart enough to keep their collections to themselves. And yet, they're dumb enough to ask friends to fix their laptops, or not encrypt their phones.

No cash incentives. That's BS. It's usually a case of what you see is what you get.

does it surprise you that your attitude toward this seems cavalier to people here?

also have you ever lied on a case

>what you see is what you get

you may want to seek other employment
its clear that you have loss objectivity

I guess it's a case of you have to see it to believe it. You get a report of a kid being neglected/abused, you go out there, and you see the horror show that is their life. Sure, sometimes there's grey areas, and I do my best to sort those out. But usually it is pretty clear.



do you know of anyone in your department who has?

I know some of my co-workers are lazy and can't be bothered to follow up on things. Same sort of thing.

How many problems are due to a lack of education?

That's a pervasive problem, for sure.

i asked ya if you deal with people who aren't children but mentally about the same, or do they get handed off to somebody

I've called CPS on so many republicans, I'm so glad you've intervened in virtually every case!! They are TERRIBLE parents!

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worst thing youve seen?

hottest client?

Is this a sly way of asking how many are blax?

is there any attempt to test children who have suffered multiple broken bones for Osteogenesis Imperfecta?

you should be jailed for false reporting

So, retards? Yes, some of the adults on my caseload are developmentally delayed. They're working with what they've got...

A kid who disappeared of the face of the earth.
A kid sold for heating oil.
A girl gangbanged by a biker club.
A boy abused by every single one of mom's BFs.

Oh it's you again.
I think you need a therapist or something if you keep coming here to vent,
Also you can't spell "therapist" without "the rapist"

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What do you do in situations where something bad happened due to an honest mistake on the parent? As in, they fell asleep by accident and the kid went missing, got hurt, etc.

>A kid sold for heating oil.

like in exchange? or used to make the oil?

Should niggers be allowed to reproduce?

And what do you do for them? give them special handlers? foster parents? etc?

>A girl gangbanged by a biker club.


false reporting?
republicans use meth, live in tiny trailers with 10 kids, are alcoholics, beat their kids, beat their wives, rob 7-11's, grow criminally-negligent mullets, go on police chases through trailer parks, molest kids and rape the elderly (don't even start on the tranny or fag republicans)

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Yeah it's totally (you) again
I'm the post below your checked dubs.
Feel free to vent, just be careful love.


As someone who has seen the worst shit that can happen to a kid, what age do you think the age of consent should be at?

Give me a situation where CPS interved when they clearly shouldn't have.

In other words, the CPS were in the wrong.

or just made things worse.

Accidents are accidents.

In exchange. Mom gave her kid to a dude, she got oil, he got underage pussy.

get a load of this dipshit

No, not.

21 at least. Sadly in the US, red states want to lower the age of consent, and Christians have made it that minors can marry old men (Mormons, Pentecostals, Evangelicals)

right... but what happens to the parents?

I like to vent...

>pedophile identified.

.....holy shit this is the dumbest post ever in the history of the world

let me guess you dont see any of this you just pick anyone voting republican and call cps

And now we know you're a troll. You don't seem to actually know anything about red states and you are just posting bull shit you've made up off the top of your head.


You serious bro? I'm not even 20 and I am definitely old enough.

most pedophiles are democrats

epsiten was one

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16. I'd like it to be higher, but it is what it is...

I call CPS on any republican family. They're horrible people, and their kids suffer 100% of the time.

Do you feel you have made a difference?

prove me wrong. everything I said was factual.

A stern lecture. Sometimes repeated check up visits.

this is false reporting by definition

you are using cps as a political weapon

Epstein was trump's best friend.

Demographically, republicans are 100x more likely to molest or rape.

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Yes, most days...

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how old was the gangbang girl? what happened?

trump was a life long democrat even best friends with the clintons

you couldnt even find a image of republicans hurting kids so you posted horse fuckers

I've never been wrong. Every republican I've reported has been indicted after investigation, and their children have been permanently removed.

Would you assholes get out of my thread? please?

How the fuck is CPS going to make my life better? Go away, I’m ‘baitin

if you truly believe that than say it publicly where you can be identified

let people know you are doing this

you WILL be arrested i could even file the report for you my self right now if i knew your name

>I've never been wrong
this is statistically impossible

>hurrrrrr trump's a liberal now

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Have you dealt with many young girls being sexually used by their older brother? How do they take it?

>Social worker here. All I see are fucked up lives. Want do you want to know about?

Amsterdam, Canada, Switzerland...

....bitch quit lying, you must be AMERICAN you shit-wad. Don't blame your nation's problems on "life". Centuries of political slavery, warfare, income disparity and decadence made your shit-hole of a job what it is. No one grows up wanting to be a "CPS" worker, you wanted a 1-stop-shop for being better than everyone else, innoscence and social status...from a lawless, social wasteland in decadence due to decades of willy-nilly non-sensical policy including a remake of the Al Capone shit-storm revamped with Marijuana and Coca, outlandish tuition and medical costs, and shameless lobbying that ridicule everything that you and your pathetic political bullshit stands for.

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this isnt even what his post said

you flipped the time line

the joke should of been
>hurrrr trumps a republican how

Dad started fucking her at six years old. At eight, he offered her to a friend. Friend said yes, and they took turns on her. By the end of that year, several of his buddies were in on the action.

Sounds hot? It isn't. She is ruined for life. I still can't figure out why one of those dudes didn't give dad the beating he deserved.

hey ass holes drop this politics bull shit no one gives a fuck we want to hear about the cps shit for fucks sake

I've also reported tons of mexi-trumpanzees to ICE and had them deported.

or had republicans Swatted.

Why? Republicans are CRIMINALS. Filth. Garbage. Trash. Pedos. Fags. Trannies. Rapists.

Oh yes. I will have CPS take your kids.

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you are a lying coward

post who you are if you think what you are doing is right

the law is not on your side

>using the goverment as a weapon ageast political opposition

this is fascism

you are a literal fascist

shut the fuck up you loser no one cares

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Any incidents where the child wasn't traumatised by it? What about a relationship between young girl / older brother?

God is.

You need Jesus asap

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doesnt really sound hot to me... I only like 15 + teenage rape fantasies, and even then, still just fantasies

thats crazy, agreed re beating

The schloopy-whoopy is strong with this one.

>falling for that guys terrible bait
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Worse condition of a child you’ve encountered? Saw a police vid of a mother trying to kill herself and her kid. I imagine you’ve seems some shady shit.

no he isnt
these types of accusation are impossible to be fully proven innocent

its a fact of logic that you cant prove a negative

call cps on yourself right now if you think thats the case

Roy Cohn.
Gerald Ford.
Alan Dershowitz.
Ben Stein.
Jim Jordan.
Lindsay Graham.
Mitch McConnell.

Hey it's all good. Don't mention any places or names.
You've seen some real shit. I don't like some of the stories you posted previously. Humans can be fucking terrible people.
The bikergang shit sounds like a fucking hells angels thing that Hunter S Thompsan wrote about. Are you serious about that shit? I don't want details. That's fucked up Sup Forumsro.
I've seen those guys before. I didn't see anything brutal, they were kind of just there.
Have an old/b/ image.

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keep making your threats and see what happens, you anti-govt, anti-American savage
take that tip seriously, they do investigate

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Sometimes that happens. Trauma I weird stuff. Sometimes people are wrecked, sometimes not. Plenty of kids do the incest thing real young, find out it is wrong, stop, move on with no problems.

at this point I think you're just the same retard replying to himself I no way 2 or more people are THIS autistic not even on b

I've seen maggots in infected wounds.