Be me

>be me
>be trans, and addicted to cock (relevant, apparently)
>my niece once came to my apartment after she turned 18 and we spent time with friends and almost pulled an allnighter playing games and talking about D&D
>i got tired and went to bed
>a friend was gonna sleep on the couch and my niece was gonna sleep in the same bed i was sleeping in
>so i notice i'm cold as fuck and after a while she finally gets to bed
>im trying to resist the cold
>I can hear a slight breeze and im legitimately freezing
>I ask her "[niece's name], are you awake?"
>she says yeah
>"don't you feel cold?"
>awkward silence
>"", she says
>i can't process her discomfort because im cold as fuck
>fuck ima die of hypothermia
>so i finally basically bury myself in bed like a fag taco until im not so cold and i sleep
>when i wake up she's dressing up and notices im awake
>she asks why did i ask her if she felt cold last night,
>"i was cold as fuck and i thought a window was open, so i wanted to know if you felt cold too so you could just get out of bed to close the window"
>she looks at me, then looks at a window
>it's wide open
>i can see her discomfort and fear turning to anger
>"OP you're a lazy bitch, you know that?" she says
>and then she didn't speak to me for two hours
good times

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>be me
>be trans

bad idea

nice blogposting fag

>be me
>be trans
show pp

oh i get it because she thought you were coming onto her

To be fair that was a lazy bitch move

seriously what was the point of this thread?

girl: you can worm me up user owo

niece thought op wanted to fuck

it certainly was


p transphobic tbqh

Mentally ill degenerate is lazy... color me surprised

u couldve closed the fucking window usrself ou're a lazy bitch, you know that?

better to be a degenerate than a rapist

Hey at least she had just turned 18.

>Be me
>Read this story
>Cast magic spell to get wasted time back
>Oh shit! Speak spell slightly wrong!
>Create parallel time line
>Get ass raped by Mecha Hitler
>Get infected with Mecha herpes
>Still more enjoyable than reading that story

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This must be why trans people define themselves exclusively by their quirk. Without it they have nothing interesting to say. Fuck your niece and report back, or GTFO.

This post gave me HPV.

I feel that op is writing this out as a draft for his sibling when their kid says uncle user was a fucking creep drooling over her in bed.

You can't even fucking greentext, you dirty fucking nigger

nice trips