Waifu thingy late night

Waifu thingy late night

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>posting rudes

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milk me

Sanae is evil.

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keep going

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What's up nerds?

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programming and posting cutes wby?

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Hirasawa Yui

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What are you programming

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are you wearing your programming tights?

fair enough, it's tankers I disliked honestly
only explosives I've handled are grenades, the Carl-Gustav and claymores

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Tank crew, such a shitty way to die, cooked in a fucking sardine tin, fuck that.
I'm personally really interested in cqb and cqc, boobytraps, explosives, ambushes, all that sort of stuff, so it'll be fun, or atleast I hope so.
Carl and grenades myself, and I'm fairly decent with the first one.
Did you... did you eat the explosive charge of the claymore?

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nice legs!

could be better than being captured by sand nigs.
shooting the carlos is the most fun thing I did tbh. too bad it's so cumbersome to carry around in thick woods, catches every trunks and branches.
oh yeah, also detonated it while I was swallowing. normal grunt stuff

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just becoming familiar with the canvas class in java. i am attempting to make a simple 2d platformer from scratch, but quickly found the standard javafx Pane class insufficient to do what I need as far as movement goes. do you like programming?
im not a tranny, sorry

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If they ever get close enough for that I swear to the almighty old man up above, I will blow them, myself, and everything in the way, up right into hell.
I had to haul my rifle, carlos, backpack, vest, helmet, through a 10k march in the desert, trust me, I know how it can be.
But I'll never forget the sharp blast, the metallic smell of the used shell, and the blast of light I could see from beneath all the dust, that told me I had hit.

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oof yikes
Ye Im a software dev

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you don't have to be!

lol im aware it is pretty bloated, but it's the only language i was formally taught, so im sticking with it for now
I'll probably switch to c++ one of these days
which languages do you prefer? i want to be a software dev one day too
ehh okay
who are you?

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Lotsa coding peeps around, been waiting on this thread

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Just use c#
Its the same shit
I do pretty much everything in c#

hmm i was always under the impression that this was a scripting language. shows how much i know lol
what kind of things do you code for work? hobbies?

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For work, we sell software and I do modifications to it as my job
Which is like html, js and c#
Whenever I do shit on my own I'd use c# too and pretty much everything I do is c# based

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Code monkeys, lole.

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wait those are 2 boys

Just bros being dudes
Fuck off neet

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Why don't you write a program that makes me fuck off lole.

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that was an insult cumtard

If you can call that an insult
Why dont you get a job

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now I doubt that's a cute grill

Himiko on the left is a grill

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Are you Nefata? I would think so considering you're a raging faggot.

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can we meet up
i want someone to properly fill me up

Yui called you a kike

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Ye, come to Australia


why so far away

I've come to the conclusion that this poster is actually from an entirely different community and is, more or less, a spy.

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you need to be raped for what you said

t. yui


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t. yui

Is literal whoi mad?

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Kumiko Claimed.
Hello thread

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nice hair

so many venomous anons tonight...

Grow thicker skin and the fangs won't penetrate.

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thanks bb
believe it or not, i'm not
hi, i'm literally whoi
cute girl, i like her

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Are people really that bad at taking insults?

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Fuckin' dole bludger

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bait baiting bait baiting bait baiting bait

>I'll just call everything bait, that way no one can say I fell for anything!

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But I just got home from work

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Wagie cagie

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Huh? What I miss? Did something interesting happen? Who do I need to rude?

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I dont wagecuck though

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Big x

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Indeed. And very fluffy.
This is good. I like Yui, also.
Umm, yes.

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Thanks love
Sorry for disappearing by the way, I posted and then got dragged off to do things with friends. So many programming nerds on the internet, I guess that'd be the best place to find em though. Whatcha making?
That's just how it be sometimes. How are you today my friend?

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what's for dinner

Chevapi and something else.

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well you're a bucket full of information

you could say a bag full


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I feel a bit sick and I borked my laptop's OS today but hey, at least there's a waifu thread today
How are you this evening?
You ok?

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fluffy puss

hey cute

shut the fuck up



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I'm really tired, but I can't sleep. My friend is feeling kind of down today so we're talking about the meaning of existence and whatnot. If there's a line between comfy and depressing, I think I'm walking it. You caught a cold or something friend?
Hey there
Howdy Komi poster
How are you tonight?

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cute cute

bro cute check

How goes it, Komi Poster?
Comfy and depressing are actually surprisingly close, for some reason.
I might have. Stuffy nose, stomachache, high temps, that sort of thing.

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Cute levels are optimal and rising steadily

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I am okay I guess. How about you?
I am fine, just tired. How are you?

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There are, yeah. I hope you feel better soon! One of the perks about rarely going around people is that I don't get sick often.
Oh, screwby dawg.
Can't tell if I'm good or bad right now, really. A strong neutral. It's just a part of the experience. I'm just hanging in my room doing tired person things. Anything interesting happen today?

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verr cut

was and still am grinding in MHW, did I miss shit?

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and rudes

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There's also the ever elusive rude cute that likes to pass through these parts

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