How is this body shape called?

How is this body shape called?

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MTG collector

That's what we would call an extra medium.

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That's the PF type. A relatively modern occurrence, Pudgy Faggot body type is what is known as an Evolutionary Dead End, as it has lost the ability to produce offspring even when technically still fertile.

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Built for BBC

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Fat boy

I never ever ever did anything physically difficult in my life.

read the /fit sticky and start diet and exorcise bro you dont want to look like that. take all the negativity from this post and use it to better yourself. it can be hard but its not impossible.


King Tut looked kinda like this.

>How is this body shape called?
Moss hanging from a damn cave.


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Bonsoir francophone.

To much fucking estrogen in a human male stop eating impossible burgers