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Hi frens

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Hey there

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The moon? the moon

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oh its one of these
hello there, depressed user from yesternight

hello! How are you

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i am depressed, as usual

cute and nice

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You can turn it around. I was depressed for 5 years living with parents in my 20's and now things are turning around when I didn't think it was possible. find some small things you love and give them attention

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I feel so old already and i'm only 23, i'm told i'm young but i feel ancient

Hello frens

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depression is hard user :( I like to come in here and talk to friends now and then because it makes me happy. happy things help

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and i feel that it's my own fault im depressed
tried so many therapists


You can always talk with peoples here. This is a kind place ^^

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last time i got shit on by that one user haha

Cat drawer programmer user here sup guys.
I grabbed my weights and started lifting and doing planks.
I'm apparently an endomorph so taking advantage of my natural genetic superiority i finally starting to hone my body into a greek-like body.
Hopefully i finally finish learning Python sooner or later and buy that damn drawing tablet to motivate myself to finish learning how to draw too.

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ok now give the duck tits

I got lost in the wrong thread

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I've been there user. 15 years of on and off therapy covering a slew of issues. I'm 22 and finally on meds

Hey, long time no see
Glad you found your way

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Are you the one called rockman?

Some peoples are mean, but most here are nice I think. I wont shit on you

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Hello there, sorry I missed your post

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New friend!


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who's mean

well thanks i hope so
they working at all?
I'm sad because i have nobody i can truly call my friend, everybody i've done to that has left me alone, and it hurts

Hi pink. How are you buddy

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I'm going to sleep now.
Maybe next thread.

I have been out of these threads because of the cooming shit that b got into recently.
If i stop procrastinating so much and start programming/drawing/exercising i might drop around even less.

creativity backed by friendly positivity produces the best results

I'm pretty sure I'm becoming a regular here. These are a nice wholesome way to end the day

I'm on Prozac, which takes two weeks to fully set in and do it's thing. This upcoming Monday would be the two week mark, and honestly I'd say they're working. I have more energy through the day to actually do the whole life thing, I've been feeling quite a bit less anxious and slowly working on becoming social again (pretty much got myself fully recluse).
I feel that about having no one to truly call a friend, sometimes they might be there and you just don't realize it / see it the right way. If you haven't tried the medication route and it's a long time issue, I recommend it

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Hi! I vivi :)

I dunno, that person said someones was mean to them.

You can find friends, we can be friends ^^

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i've found friends
they weren't friends
if you say so, i'm lacking in any quality that warrants friendship

I've struggled with depression before too, although it wasnt the clinical kind, just a low part of my life I hope I wont end up in again. Dont know what it's like to deal with fro. Day to day tho, I may learn from my BF he has depression too, hope I can help him be happy.

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Lol maybe that's why Sup Forums drawthreads never get good drawings or drawings at all
Ok that's it good night everybody.

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Hi Vivi

I usually go by Seras, although she isnt the only character I use.

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trips :)
I'm doing okay, nice to see you
I'm glad you're doing things, good for you. Nice to see you again
Nice poster. It's nice to see you too

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they're not usually like this
but what do i know, i'm a retard

been on wellbutrin and something else, not really doing much


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Don't worry if it seems like you can't make him happy when it comes to depression, it's a hell of a thing and not so easily changed.

I miss the old days of draw threads, they used to be legit

That sucks to hear. From my understanding, it can take trying different ones for some people. I lucked out and both of my parents are clinically depressed, I got prescribed what they use (after a psych ward trip) and it seems to work.

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Nice to see you too. Heard anything you like lately m8?

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Fortunately he doesn't have the "I'm gonna hang myself" depression he just has bad days where he has no energy and wants to be sleeping all day. I think some exersize would help, but he wont do anything until spring.

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lucky him, im at that

Hidden loli server
.gg/ ironic

Both are a trip. I'm ready for warm weather to roll around though, I feel that

What's on your mind user

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wanting to escape from constant pain

Physical or mental? I'm not one to tell you it will eventually end, but there's almost always other avenues to go down

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Pain from what?

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both physical and mental
i have something wrong with my back neck and head but no doctor can figure it out

Does it run up the back of your neck and on top of your scalp? Do you have pain above your collarbone area?

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yes it does, only reasonable guess i've gotten is my nerves are fucked from a bent neck but i've only been told "DO WEEKS AND WEEKS OF OMT MAYBE IT'LL FIX IT"

I have similar issues that are getting better for me lately after some research. Try to make sure you don't tense your shoulders, and make sure your shoulders aren't rolling forward. It's a posture issue and leaning forward at the computer makes it really bad. Does it also put pressure on your eyes like you probably get sensitive to light?

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Sounds like my mom

Not sure how I could handle being crippled like that, unable to enjoy exersize, climbing running, dancing. Sound slike hell to me.

Seeing how bad some people get with slouching is the reason I stand up straight 24/7 and force myself to sleep on my back instead of my side.

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i know it's posture, but it's insanely hard to fix without knowing how like, 1 on 1, if that makes any sense

Here's some tips that have helped me a lot. Don't cross your legs when you sit, they need to be flat on ground. Try not to have your arms pointing inwards, imagine trying to zip up your zipper, thats what you want to avoid for long periods of time. Make sure you sleep on your back and put a pillow underneath the back of your thigh.

These are small things that helped me. Sitting for long periods of time makes me feel terrible alot of it has to do with that I think.

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i didn't have this problem when i was young, hate being older

It stinks. Just try some of those things I said. Also make sure you never lean forward at the computer that is the worst thing. No leaning!

If you try my tips you will start to feel better I promise. It takes time though, and I had it bad like you at first but it's much better now because of those things

Nice digits

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yeah i lean
a lot
because i can't see if i don't

nice girl? guy?

So Vivi
What do you do?

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I can only imagine what yall really look like in rl


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i can't tell what gender that picture is

I'm 6'4" tall guy 210lbs

Slim long and thick brown hair
Brown eyes, strong jawline, and distinctively German forehead.

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Nothing really..I'm working on that. I like that hair it seems like it would be soft

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Seras is a girl I'm not tho

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I'll follow along

5'10 and 180, mostly muscle mass
Curly medium brown hair
Hazel eyes, short trimmed facial hair (no neckbeard here) and wide shoulders

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Lover her hair, been growing my own hair out myself. Although my hair is too thick so I can really only grow my Bangs out well.

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I wish you all
Happy day

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I'm clean shaven, although it grows absurdly fast. After years of having it all grown out it's nice to have a bare face.

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You've got to be fucking joking.

I'm not

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I find myself shaving my face clear every two or three months, nice to have that refresher and I cant stand it getting unruly

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Happy day to you too, fren

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big ugly, grandmas say im handsome but they say that shit to any grandson

Have to shave every day or I'm all rough

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Oops i missed your post, happy day to you fren. This saying has almost gotten me killed irl, bad luck out loud

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Thought much the same until I had a fuck ton of horny faggots PMing me when I posted my face on Grindr

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doesn't mean much, it's the swipe right on everything or something yeah?
i dont know how those work exactly

>5'10 183

All joking aside I hope your mother and partner are alright.

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i like you

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No they straight up proposition me about every 30 min when I got on that app. Alot of those guys were easily 10s

And had alot of compliments, also every person I've ever had sex with are very enamoured with my looks. I'm sorry about sounding narcissistic I'm terribly vain irl

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my grandma calls me fat pretty consistently, the other one called me a disappointment before she died a few weeks ago

Hey, I resemble that claim

Sketchy ladders make me say alway rember osha day, and every time I've ever said it I either almost fall off said ladder or manage to kick something I shouldn't

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guess she died bitter

well, at least you got that going for you

Dont know about my partners, but my BF is fine

So is my mom, although he back problems are chronic.

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you guys probably aren't gonna find this funny but i was on letgo and saw this
and chuckled

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So many anons are having a 1 :(

Me having a 6 or 7.

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that isnt a happy bot

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what a POS
who would buy it
6 or 7 is good :)
i voted 6 i think

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also random question, does anybody here used to post on foolz, or remember that?

I was real confused at how many people were lurking in this thread. Forgot bots existed for a second

Yo thats an umbrella

Prolly. She was always bitter, nice lady though

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