Anyone else opted out of life?

Anyone else opted out of life?

I legit do not have sexual interest anymore, no-one turns me on. I can see a gril and know she's pretty but i dont want to fuck her.

Modernity is all so tiresome. Idc anymore.

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yeah my dick is dead, i don't know what i did wrong, probably just me being a piece of shit, but nothing gets me hard

stuff can get me hard, but i have to try. and i can't be fucked trying that hard for no return.

I would rather focus on other things

this just sounds like being asexual

You sound like a faggot

But i dont even want to date to find out personality and other bull shit.

Sex is like socialising for me. In my head I want it and I have fantasies about it but when the opportunity presents itself I just feel uncomfortable and weird

i think if i had sex it;'d be fine, but its just such a non-issue/interest. I actively pretend to be interested in womanizing to fit in

I just hate everyone. I'm tired of everyone being so shitty. Including myself.

Y'all are seriously retarded if you think that's normal. Go see a professional and get some help you cucks

you have to go back

i dont care enough to hate people tbh. Wrong attitude, use them to your advantage, fuck what they are like as people good or bad.

haha dumb faggots this what you get for being coomertards

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being a coomer gives you the ultimate power to ignore whores and get on with your life?

Back to where exactly, I'm not sure I understand what you mean

Reddit, newfriend

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Is that where you stole that unoriginal comment from, user?


being coomer makes your retard downsyndrome brain smaller. dumbass