Ask the 8ball anything

Ask the 8ball anything

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should i fap?

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will i have a gf?

will i have sex with kim?

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will i have sex with kim when she moves up here?

pls i want gf reroll

will i have gf soon

Will I have my goal body by June?

will get gf soon?

does ex still love me?

Is OP a faggot?

does my buddy's ex still love him?

Does the 8 ball tell the truth?

will i die virgin?


is OP a fag

will ever have sex

Should I believe everything this 8-ball says?

is OP a pedo

uh oh. Its time to call Chris Hansen

Will I have the superpower I want by the end of this January?

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How about by the end of this year?

Am I making the correct decision sticking with my current company?

Will happen?

are the chinks a non-sentient hive minded race of bug men?

Will Foxtrot Company ever get their shit right?

are niggers human?

Will I have one billion US dollars in cash by the end of this month?

Will I ever have anal sex?

By the end of this year?

Will I make it this year?

Should I splurge whatever money I have after I pay off my student loan debt on a hooker?

am I a faggot?

Will I find it?

Will I have two billion US dollars by the end of this month?

Will I take Shaquila’s virginity?

Will happen?

Thanks OP

Not gonna lie, bullshit or not I just made a huge real life decision and this low key makes me feel good

will there ever be genetically engineered cat-boy shotas for domestic owner ship and S*X

is there any hope left for me?

nice. now to find out which kind of anal

DId the Indigenous girl like me?

Will I have it on a debit card?

Will my parents ever stop thinking I'm a failure?

is there any hope left for me?

Will I get a slot for rasp before I graduate ait?

Commitment to others' welfare is very often paid off. I believe in you.
Rerolling for

will I ever get a Len Kagamine sex robot

Will I get a cute gf soon

Am I going to be a ranger medic on the line by the end of the year?

did my daddy fuck me because he loved me?

Should I paint as work for the rest of my life?

Is my future gf a clown

did my daddy fuck me because he loved me?

Huh okay
Will I screw a loli lol

was my creepy uncle a pedo

Will I get another pay raise this year

Will someone give me a million dollars to try to make sense of my miserable existence?

we need Chris Hansen in here stat

Should I keep living with my mom?

Am I going to have my moment with shaq before rasp?

Should i start camming

Will it last?

Does Maribel del Carmen wants to have sex with me?

Did she fucked a lot of guys when she was abroad?

Does she want to suck my cock?

Did she want to finish that handy?

Did she ever rub herself to that photo?

I really need to know whether she rubbed herself to that photo

Is she a virgin?

Does that preggo want my cock?

Does the little one across the road want to swallow my load?

Will I be her first?

Does little one want my load?

Does she want her photos on the net

Does that slut want guys jerking off to her

will based god bring me good test scores

Am I evil

will I get a bf this year?

Does Jesus love me

Should I rape her

Should I fuck her sister

Deb or Sam?

Should I just give up?

Does she think I have a massive cock

I mean, Deb?

Did she think about rubbing herself to me

Did she ever rub herself out to me

Will I ever find something in life to make all the bullshit worth it?

Will I get another chant with Amanda?

Did she ever think about me while she rubbed one out

does she still love me

tell me cunt

will I find a boyfriend this year ;_;

will she change her mind about us

Did she rub one out to me

sounds about right


Did she want to suck my dick?