New YLYL thread

New YLYL thread
Jew derailed the last one

Bonus if youre stoned

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Fucking captcha

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>Jew derailed
Looked like Spiderman to me.

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Spiderman is a jew name, idiot.

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When colbert was actually funny

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Fucking brainlet

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Do any of you actually remember why Spiderman derailing became a thing circa 08?

I had a nice bong rip of some good hybrid.

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Now he hurts my feelings :( our pres best pres

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who cares how many people attend your funeral

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How one peice ends

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>Look up similar items
>It's real

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I hate school nowadays


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That’s what Marx said when he heard thousands attended Engals funeral.


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That is the most bullshit test question i've ever seen.

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hahahaha oh man, dumbass teacher.

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Leftist teacher at public school in Bronx, NY.

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holy SHIT!

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Technically both of these answers could be correct, it's ambiguous whether the (2*2) is multiplying the numerator or the divisor.

How'd you do that?

Hidden loli server
.gg/ ironic

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The set up and like are bad so you should feel bad

Typical nog getting aggressive when they can't comprehend

There are no words for this stupidity

stay of Sup Forums till your fucking homework is done

id say its 1, cuz u do brackets 1st and the bracket is x5, like its 2a and a=3 so its 6. So its 4x5 1st
dont reee at me - its all arbitrary anyway

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fuck dude i was here an my old ass don remember

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fuckin shooped

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Real talk tho, they didn't teach it like this when I was in school, but this is how I taught myself to do like 90% of math in my head. Remembering that 8+5 is 13 is way slower than just chunking 5+5+3 manually without using my memory. My mom flunked out of math in the old days, but this is how she does it too, and she was an accountant for a while. This method is just easier for some people.

The way they teach it verbally, though, appears to be fucking retarded.


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The problem is the equation is written improperly, leading to the ability to interpret either even while following the order of operations. Brackets should be used to clarify.
(2*2) comes first, 4.

If it was written as
20 / [5(4)] then it would be 20 / 20, equaling 1.

Or it could be
[20/5] (4), making it 4x4, equaling 16.

The use of / instead of the division sign indicates a fraction, the division sign would come out as 16.

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