Girls that swallowed your cum

Girls that swallowed your cum

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How was she


she deepthroat?


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Nah she didnt

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Looks it

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how was she?

Unleash those tits

Those are some big ol fuckin faces holy shit

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Amazing. Could deep throat my whole cock. She struggled a little but that made it better lol

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>Girls that swallowed your cum

Girls that haven't adapted into a personality, contemporary culture outside of camara whoring, pseudo political mind-fuckery, and wealth obsessed submission to strangers.

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any nudes of her?

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I like

walked in on her getting railed at some party saying some disgusting things. she didnt want me saying anything to anyone later on so..

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How was she

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Have more if you want to see ?


Has great tits and gives good head don't judge me

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Wild, shes from Serbia so she had a really hot accent and very broken english. Loved butt stuff. Pierced nipples, all that jazz

You don’t believe me but I know it’s true

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Lets see

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slutty exgf

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prove it

moar she is hot

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volafile org/ r/1576q0e20

Fucking hot.


Thanks she was actually a really sweet girl

Best bj I have ever or will ever have she’s 10 years younger than me too

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Lost her nudes, but she gave amazing head

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was ok

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What you think

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My local Half-Asian slut

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Didn't cost as much as I thought it would.

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nice looking body tho

So were gonna pretend like all these asian girls swallowed all these white neckbeard incels cum?
It's who swallowed your cum, not who you wish would.
all the pretty girls on here are fake, and all the average girls are ugly in person and the dude posted their best picture.

Really? Tell more

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You’re welcome, any more details? Or more pics?

This girl looks like a clown with those drawn on freckles.

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Dated for a bit in college. Pretty enthusiastic with it

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This is literally a saved picture from twitter you fapped to more than a year ago, nice try though!

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Amazing head.

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Cost me $200

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You know she's a porn star, right?

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theres alot of surgerys she needs to be considered remotely pretty. gotta 7 head, her teeth arent even lined up with her face properly. She needs braces or veeners, her nose is huge, her lips are uneven, and her eyebrows look like theyve never been groomed.

Yeah also an asmr girl lol

it says girls not boys

this thread is for bragging not self deprication.

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You think she did?

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finally a post that is believable. Below average with a chin that could open a can.

She got blacked a couple times had two kids neither with the same guy and was desperate af for money, got her down for $200 for basically anything. Ended up being worth it.

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so you're saying her body makes up for it? if she was in a asian country she would be considered chubby, and need to lose 25-35 pounds.

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I can't believe someone so ugly, fat, with such stringy dead hair is posing like a model. or TRYING to anyways.

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im gonna go out on a limb and say the person in the picture is you, and you're seeking attention.
Also the more pictures I see of you the more you look like a trap.

Double tongue piercing...more/stories?

hot as fuck

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