New celeb thread

new celeb thread

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it's a crooked game

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A game for fools, no one ever wins.

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who needs some bey?

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but it's the only game in town

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We toil along hoping today our luck has changed.

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Millie and Emma. All is right in the world tonight.

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and one day, it surely must

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great technique

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thats the stuff

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Millie reminds me of that episode of south park wit Britney Spears blowing off her head.

Millie is ripe for the havest

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This is the best celeb thread I've seen in a while. I don't know who to choose.

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the gun to your head

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Does tomorrow ever come? Or are we destined to forever repeat today?

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knew I wan't the only one that saved that story

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No gun, only a pillow.

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niggaroni maximus.
why would you post this ape?

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is there even a difference....

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i can hear the jungle just by looking at this photograph... blacks, so uncivilized

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Today was terrible, and tomorrow will be better. Why is the grass always greener everywhere we look?

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