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its been years since i've listened to this shit, but can anyone give me some suggestions to some of the best latest 'hardcore'/metal? Haven't listened to this stuff in roughly a decade so im really fucking out of the loop. Used to listen to suicide silence, emmure, beneath the burial, as i lay dying, skinless, amputated, gaza, chelsea grin, fuck hard to remember. Whats new tho and not shit?

thx in advance.

inb4 ur a fag, fuck u nigger etc.

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Why not listen to some grown up metal and not scene shit for tween girls.
pretty sure this isn't 'scene shit for tween girls'

Define "grown up metal" faggot

Real death fucking metal. Or any black metal or whatever else. Not gay Suicide Silence shit

your melodic trash can fuck off go get old and die

This type of hardcore peaked in 2005 and died in 2009. Just listen to the old shit, more nostalgic. I'ma go put on as blood runs black

Brb putting on my leather spiked jacket and screeching out like an autistic in the woods at 3 AM

Black metal!!!

fuck that's depressing. the fuck

Cannibal corpse
Pantera (no longer together)
Thy art is murder
Arch enemy
Napalm death

yeah meh might be worth checking out again... are they still producing

Ya listen to mcr and cut your self emo

emo? lol not even mad, go bother another thread you have no knowledge about

code orange, turnstile, knocked loose, inclination, expire etc are a handful of bigger bands currently

Just a heads up to all you death metal purists out there, Suicide Silence was annointed by Corpsegrinder himself. You've probably heard of him. Hell, your mom's probably put a few miles on the old van taking you to shows and knows him as well.

Check out ANCST

thy art is murder

White chappel
Parkway drive
Have fun /bro/

how no one has mentioned infant annihilator yet is kinda sad

>go bother someone else
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thx sir, damn white chappel was one i used to listen to, still rollin? checking out in a few

Rings Of Saturn

thx user checking it out after a min

thx dude

thanks sir

Nice dubs. Lugal Ki En and Ultu Ulla are the albums I've been listening to from them. I wouldn't suggest watching their live videos but the albums are great.

Fuck that garbage.

Archspire - Relentless Mutation
Soreption - Engineering the Void
Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas
Infant Annihilator - Battle of Yaldabaoth

^ Listen to that shit.

have you heard of slipknot? they put out a new album recently

There's a lot of good suggestions in this thread.

White Chapel still going, and I like them better now, but they've definitely changed a lot since the Saw Is the Law.

Rings of Saturn is too much wankery for me, especially cause it can't be back up.

But for an actual recommendation, check out Knocked Loose. Start with Laugh Tracks and go to they're latest. I prefer their Pop Culture, but I think Laugh Traacks is a decent entry point. They're more hardcore punk(ish), but they're a giant evolution from the breakdown era of Suicide Silence, Acacia Strain, Emmure, etc..

lmao thx dude, ok ill check em out

fuck yea taking a listen

*sludgey hardcore

You want more sludge and less breakdowns, check out Crowbar. They're still going, but the earlier shit (that was on Beavis and Butthead), was sick.

definitely see the evo, interdasting, fucking great, i will listen to all posted on this thread however so keep going.

yeah i was 12 once

Fuck off man.

You are trying to listen to metalcore and dissing slipknot lmfao.

If you wan't real music, go listen to TOOL or SOAD.

There's a reason these bands (along with slipknot) are still relevant today, unlike your shit metalcore music who no one will remember 6 months after their first 2nd album.

slipknot is easily better than pretty much any metalcore band you can name



nah in reality not dissing it, playing, are they still producing? man its too bad about the bassist i remember that

That's basically post hardcore/metalcore. Look it up on YouTube or Spotify

Not OP but I went back into my emo stage. Probably just longing for the way things used to be.

For pop punk not what he's looking for.

That's too heavy for him.

I'm drunk bro, idk where the ' came from but words were flying so who knows.

Everyone is producing but SOAD, and Serj recently said he would like unreleased music to get out, just not sure how to get it out.

thank you everyone for the suggestions i'm no longer monitoring the thread because the faglords have arosen

amon amarth, jinjer, opeth and slayer


Knocked Loose!! Check out Counting Worms & Deadringer from them

Fleshgod Apocalypse
Beyond Creation

aw shit that would be nuts. i remember rollin to toxicity

don't even get me started on gojira, that band is so fucking boring

chuck on the hammer by kublai khan

Slaughter to Prevail

Oceans Ate Alaska
Royal Coda
Thank You Scientist
Animals as Leaders

The metal scene has been slow for the last few years. I agree with the user that said the best years were from 2005 to 2009

Check out
From The Shallows - Under a killing moonlight

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Watch the cartoon series Metalpocalypse. Yes seriously.