Where do I find hairy girls?

Where do I find hairy girls?

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Not sure. But I can tell you where you CAN'T find them
Daycares and cancer wards.

Japan is hairy pussy central

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Yeah, but it's always blurry or has this strange line over the clit/glans.

I got you user:


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the men's room at your gym

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Italy, France, Portland, Seattle, your mom's house

Pacific northwest is a good place to geographically but a lot of girls in more nerdy circles tend to be hairy from my experience.

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Yes more hairy muff!

You can find them in any Woman Studies course at your local Sate Uni. But they probably wont like you back.


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Meet any normal, lonely, horny lady in your local area.

Women who don't get laid regularly have hairy pussies

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ME or OR?

Most likely Oregon


Retirement community, hippie commune, rural Asia, Quebec, and feminist lesbian communities.

In Lewiston...

Ba dum,

I think you've made my night user

Oregon, they come with tattoos, weird bodys, big noses and convictions that are easily broken

Build time machine. Go to 1980. Buy Apple stock while you are enjoying muff.

Right here.

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lol i'm from portland and had never seen a hairy pussy till i moved to seattle.