What I'm going to do is put you on a 1,200 calorie, high protein, low carb diet...

What I'm going to do is put you on a 1,200 calorie, high protein, low carb diet. You should easily be able to lose 80 pounds in the next two months. Is this something you can do, Sup Forums?

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I'm 65kg at most so I'll die if i lose that much weight.

already lost 75 pounds. no more. i wanna die

That's not the goal I set for you, but it's close enough. I'm going to approve you for weight loss surgery. But you need to continue the diet and lose at least 30 pounds by your surgery, or I will cancel the procedure. Is this something you can do?

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1200 is too low for most adult males to lose weight and not end up Auschwitz lil bitch mode afterwards you stupid fuck

Can: yes.
Without losing limbs: no.

Also, be aware:
Too high protein intake increases the body's need to get rid of some and thus enhances protein digestion measurements. Therefore the body tends to digest muscle tissue as well. Not the good way of losing weight.

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At your weight, you will die soon if you don't do this. Your body is full of food. You can last a month without food. Stop making excuses and do this if you want to live. If you don't, there is nothing we can do for you.

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Does furious masturbation burn calories?

And provides protein.
Win win.

guys a legend

so what exactly is your shtick here?

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I’m only 132 pounds and 6’2” I’m not sure that’s a good idea doctor..

This is about you, not me. You're making excuses and avoiding the issue. I'm also going to refer you to a therapist to address the issues that are causing you to eat so much.

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That’s an extreme. Even at 1200 calories of pure protein that wouldn’t occur, but rarely do the fatties in the show actually follow the diet plan until they’ve been smacked around.

user, lemme use english, you are a goddamn fat fuck that people mistake for a pile of clothing left on the streets. You make floors cry by walking on them and your downstairs neighbor lives in fear of their life every time you take a step. The stench that radiates from under your folds makes a landfill smell pleasant, and scientists have just discovered a new species of mushrooms in between the layers you call a gut. You're roughly the same size of a young killer whale and the shape of a blobfish brought to the surface. Forget calorie deficit, you could go without eating for a year and still be considered obese.
In summary, user, there are pigs fattened for slaughter with a lower BMI than you, and when you die from cardiac arrest the damn fire department will need to take out walls to get your body to the crematory. Lose some weight, tubby.

But Doc, when I look in the mirror all I see is the image of a GREEK GOD looking back at me. I'm swole, I'm fit, I've got a three inch prick from the 'roids but so what? So does every other guy out there. What I need is proper help to GAIN weight, not lose it. I need to bulk, Doc. You've got a pill for that?

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provided i ingest the semen... interesting

Cool, guess I'll go about living my life weighing 45 lbs.

Is anyone else reading these in his voice

I agree to your conditions, but I’m going to eat 6,000 calories a day and come back even heavier. Ok?

If you continue with your eating habits, you will die in probably only a few months. It's important to follow the diet so I can approve you for weight loss surgery. Is this something you can do?

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this kind of roleplay is like visual asmr to me
also i'm still overweight bmi so i need to lose weight, i wish i had a dietician
or i can just sttaaarve

1400 is pretty much starvation, I wouldn't go below 1600 + a very mild cardio & weight lifting routine with an obligatory daily vitamin. max safe weight loss per week is only about 3lbs, most you can lose in that time and not be in constant fear of dying is around 29 (3 in the first week + 5 lbs of retained water weight)


No bitch

800 is starving. You're just making excuses.

jokes on you i've only been drinking the past few days, 200 calories maybe at most

You gotta step your game up bruh

Then I'm sorry, there is nothing else we can do for you. We have tried everything, and you have refused to cooperate. I'm sorry, but goodbye.

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yeah i need to go only water

Delicious and Nutritious!

why not go even further

I mean, im already cutting and im on a 1700 calorie diet plus 3 times a week gym. Already dropped 8 pounds might drop another few then go to maintenance calorie level for the summer before next bulk in the fall. Looseing weights easy. Just eat fish.

No pls doc help me. I've tried everything except change my diet and excercise habits


what is high protein? only fish?

I'm 225, but 6'2". 80lbs would put me in the 145 range, which is skeletal, If I could even go that low. 155 was pretty unhealthy for me. I can't imagine 145. At 225 I'm at 15 percent body fat, which means i could stand to trim some of that down. But 1200 calories is far too low. 2400 is pretty much fasting for me.

No, I mean you should drink more. My bad, wasn't clear on that


Fuck off ya dick before i break it

Doc, I'm legit obese. I've already fucked off of soda and creamer for my coffee. What is another thing I could cut out?

I’m water fasting so fuck all y’all

Then I'm going to give you two more months. With the 1,200 calorie a day diet I have given you, you should easily be able to lose 60 pounds. If you cannot follow the diet, then there is nothing more I can do for you. Do you understand this is your last chance?

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Yes. I love dr now



But I'm afraid I'll get malnourished

No but think 25 would be possible. Im not 600 plus

Every day I wake up I'm depressed I'm still alive.

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fuck no

Don't be a faggot Sup Forums start Fasting. One meal every 72 hours

You're in denial. Look at you. Your body is almost entirely full of food. You are not going to starve. Your heart, your internal organs are about to die soon because of your eating habits. Malnourishment is the least of your problems.

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Do you look malnourished? You have eaten 800 pounds of food in you!

Hello! How y'all doing?

How much should I lose this munt?