Can someone explain videos like this?

can someone explain videos like this?
>i know his dick is destroyed for life, but how??
>how is this even possible?

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i too would like to know

Elephantitus or inflation fetish

I see he bought the smallest pants he could fit in.

it is mostly likely from injecting silicone into his cock and balls. Fucking stupid but some people are that fucking dumb.

mannnnn i asked how now what

Shit's synthol maybe? Second guess is a fake.I remember seeing some synthol dicks back in the day (pause).

Also, not for nothing thats way too big. You gonna fuck an elephant or some shit?

Saline injections, or he just crash-bagged some saline or lactated ringer's like a madman.

>u mad blackboi?

apparently he had a dom that "made" him do the injections from 16 on.

he also died from it

wheres the gif/webm of the guy fucking him in the dick with his dick?

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average white male in South Africa... the pressure of selection makes white men stronger

ahh that guy huh? If i remember that story the dom had a group of guys doing it. Still, fucking retarded.

>Thanks to silicone injections, it >weighs roughly 9.5lb, or the weight >of an average-sized cat.

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>how is this even possible?
What do you mean? That just looks like an average sized penis.

Being gay is probably related to body dysmorphia and obsessions. Its extreme mental illness

looks more like a tumor
figures he died from that, that area of body has blood flow, probably got into his bloodstream and killed him, his family should have sued
since it clearly was forced before clearly being
even an obvious 'grown up' adult
idk if 16 is considered adult in euro, they killed

imagine just walking in the mall with that big ol' groin

Elephantitus is a disease, that's how you retard

Nope, this was done with silicone injections into his cock n balls because he's mentally ill and thinks that's what his penis should look like

Wrong it was all natty bro


if this exists I must see it

get help user

Silicone injections. One guy died from it last year, he was some slave bear for some really fucked up group run by a guy named Dylan Hafertepen

Lol front butt

what I need is help finding that webm

it's out there, somewhere.

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that's what i was saying