Traps using toys thread! Bonus points for videos/webm

Traps using toys thread! Bonus points for videos/webm

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does girlcockring count as a toy?

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>tfw you think you know that trap
>tfw you bought them that skirt

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Who is this?


Y'all realise traps are supposed to look like girls right?
Fucking hell sad effort

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>Can tell its a guy just from looking at the ass

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is lola trap from yurop

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postin the cutest trap, with the cutest toy

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How can you tell? Their face is obscured and the photo is blurred

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who is it? Robin?

traps r gay

Femenine buttholes

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10/10 would plow

This was 5 years ago, and they were a shady piece of shit. They've probably gone by 6 names since I last talked to them.

I wish I knew a cute euro trap to hug and dress up like Ela from siege

Are you an ass doctor?

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girls have round asses, guys have square asses

although hrt can fix a guy's ass

im no proctologist, but ill take a look :)

I unironically have an ela and iq cosplay

Kek you got grifted nigger

v nice, super feminine hips there.

Got pics wearing them?

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I unironically like you. Have you gone to cons in them?

Yes but they have my face and friends faces so no go posting here
Yuppers, two so far

Oh that's pretty awesome, which did you prefer personally? (and I've wanted to do a kapkan one for a while myself)

What the fuck is this?

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This is a huge problem with these threads unless its anime.
Take this for example, obviously a dude just based on the forearm alone. While there is a time and a place for non-passing traps it does seem so weird that people will post non-traps in a fucking trap thread. I mean... why? Why

Damn, I'm actually interested in seeing them.


I'm kinda biased because IQ is my favourite to play, ela just kinda lacks the oomf she used to have, though the new test server patch notes have me excited
Yeah well, if I weren't scared of being recognised and potentially sharing others online that probably don't want to be then I might but otherwise it's not really a thing I'm gonna do

Became you're going to jerk off to it regardless

tis a ginger root user, for figging

Except that I won't because it's not a turn on???

The hand of death

if youre this cunty about "passing" you must have an amazing folder of supertrap porn, too bad all of your bitching never has any image contribution to the threads

Sure dude
Does your gf know you're here?


I played Ela a bit back in her prime as I had just gotten siege and thought she looked cool, and threw the special points at her that came with the starter version, plus I love shiny pants. IQ I enjoyed later and right up until they effectively shelved her by taking away her frags. I even picked up IQ's elite purely for how silly the mvp animation was.

I barely come Sup Forums trap threads, its all filled with super manly guys take the same 50 pics of their ass and lonely faggots giving them attention. R/traps has better quality traps that actually show their face, pic related

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then fuck off back to redddit nigger

I started playing maybe 2 weeks before she got hit with her big nerf to the scorpion and I never knew how damn good she was prior
I still like IQ even without fraud, the 552 is the highest damage rifle and angled acog on it is so easy to control it becomes a long range death machine with ease

You all good with a cd? I'm drunk and want to post a few pics.

yeah it sucks ass
The gay retards have decided they're just gonna call themselves traps now and ruin every thread

Will do, enjoy your trap threads filled with 200 lb neets

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im down with a cd, send us some good ones

>Comparing a website that deletes threads after a certain point to a site that keeps everything
>Implying the ones on reddit aren't camwhores just promoting their private snapchats

don't have amazing ones but here ya go

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dont come back faggot

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Exactly and here's two examples for ya
Urban Dictionary defines trap as "people that would at first appear to be cute girls, But are actually boys who have more of a feminine side whether being a homosexual or not.". I'm not arguing that people enjoy non-passing traps but the point of a trap is that you think it's a girl initially and they convey that to the viewer! Don't get why people are mad about me saying that traps should be posted in trap threads. It's not like the internet doesn't play host to a billion.

It was an accursed thing but weirdly I never went hard into being an Ela main, had fun goofing around with her as a starter with friends but moved on to traps (hah) and then suffered through the rule of Ela's scorpion. Fair enough, as a gunplay op she's still scary good and usable, but I always go twitch with her dmr or finka with friends for the boost.

sophie with the sexy red heels, i remember you, wb sexy ;)

Yeah but does your gf know you're here beating your meat?

Sad state of reality. The birthplace of traps has turned to sour shit and the mortal enemy has taken it over

God damn fucking trap police from reddit over here

haven't posted in ages, makes me feel good someone remembers me :3 how've you been hun?

Not playing the f2? That's a bold decision
I hate the finka boost, I always and up over compensating for the lack of recoil
If I'm not IQ I'm usually thermite or hibana I've been loving the type 89 lately
Defence it's always mozzie lately he's just got such good guns and utility that's helpful but smoke or mute with the smg11 will always be my backup

i wish my mouth was that toy

God, I haven't played Siege in almost a year. I feel so out of the loop.

>Urban Dictionary
still no contribution and a lot of cuntiness

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Alright you reddit faggots, here's the door.
Now get the fuck out

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im good darlin, i havent been around here much either, the toxicity is above my tolerance levels, how have you been?


Well when I had a GF she was aware of my attraction yeah. Why wouldn't she be?

Not trying to be I'm just saying!
I'll just leave it alone at this point. You guys enjoy the content

not bad, still just doing pics since I have an SO, actually have a new (albeit similar) outfit planned. Got a new job too so I am making a little more cash. The commute makes it hard to dress up though :(

Should get back into it then and feel the rush

I know I know, I always got shit for never using it, especially when it was op, but I always gravitate to DMRs in shooters, and I learned to use it well up close to compensate, turns out it's sinfully easy to control even if you fire it as fast as you can. Hibana I enjoyed for a while, but could never get back into using for some reason. Still haven't picked mozzie up despite hearing good things about him, im too firmly entrenched in defending like a trapper, plus I have smoke's april fool's set.
Did you try nøkk out yet?

gape slut, reporting for toy thread

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sounds good, all but the commute. i know its rough i do it too

still no pic? please user show us your perfect traps

Maybe. I just hate the toxicity and experience gap. I'm by no means good, but getting put with Bronzies and TKers make me want to small my TV

I'm looking at about 2 and a half hours a day -.-

but I get to work from home soon and when I have vacation finally I plan on doing a lot of pics. I actually have an exercise plan in place so I can possibly take pics without my corset :3

Nøkk I've had some pretty amazing luck with but I think that's more to do with silly enemy players than anything good I've done
Mozzie is just kind of a no brainer ok
Place pests like mute jammers to deny drones and enjoy fragging to your hearts content
Back to the 417 though, put a laser on that hoe and the hipfire befause ridiculous zero recoil and tighter spread than a nuns neather regions

Ah see I've heard that a lot of console and low ranks
I'm blessed to be devoid of both of those
Though I had a funny argument one time where someone tried to claim console was more competitive than pc because of that
It was hilarious

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now post more of that while being stretched before my boner dies you sissy fuck

Just no dude
Take your fat ass somewhere else

thats a long ride, hang in there! definitely take pics without a corset when your ready, but dont lose it, its very sexy on you even tho you dont need it

>Take your fat ass somewhere else
take your cuntiness somewhere else

I play on PS4, so yeah. It also takes a week to grind to get a new champ, because I'm not paying for seasonal passes, so I just don't see the point anymore.

Nøkk is a real hit or miss for me, if im confident and read the game well im a menace, if not, a feeder.
Leave my drones alone user, I need those tazer rounds to hassle defenders.
People shit themselves when you rattle off a few rounds in smg territory with the 417 and mop up, and the sound puts the fear in people

Will do ;) I got a black on sitting in my cart right now. Gonna try and match colors a little better next photo set with black and blues.

got any recommendations? I'm looking to expand my wardrobe/toy collection. actually wearing a new chastity cage as I type