Does anyone have tips on grooming beards...

Does anyone have tips on grooming beards? i want to start growing mine out but so far it just looks like a bunch of pubes.

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acquire better genetics

It always looks like pubes in the beginning stages. I would say get some beard balm or cream to keep it tame in the beginning, then once it gets an inch you can start combing it as well.
Happy growing, beardbro

You look like someone gave you a gorilla mask. As in when someone crazy glues pubes to a victim's face.

Shave that shit, regrow it, rinse and repeat until it fills in.

Are you Texas Justin Bieber?

Thanks not me by the way but it looks similar i just usually give up after a while because it looks really shitty but I'll try your tips.

If that's your facial hair just shave it off and try again in a few years. Not everyone can have a beard that doesn't look like shit.

Soy beard

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thats pretty puby

Not really

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it's pretty bad tbh

You have to feed your beard. Nourish it.
Aloe Vera Gel it on the regular.
Also a mix of coconut oil, olive oil, ylang ylang essential oil, and vitamin e in a puree which you gently smear on it.
Will do it wonders and help promote growth.
If its too dry? it won't grow.
You have to convince your face to invest energy in it.

Your harlot flush lips keep throwing my brain off center.

Far better than OP’s, we can agree on that at least

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be a man

better than op's but pretty bad

All that shit would just clog his pores and give him acne dude. he'll be able to grow a better one in a few years. You just have to wait a few years for it to grow in more full, OP. Until then you will have a pube beard, I'm sorry.

shape your beard early, even if its not fully grown in yet, it will make it 100 times nicer looking. also
if you're really worried about it looking like pubes, you might have to do some light trimming to
adjust the apparent length of the beard, because some hairs grow faster, or are less curly, giving it
a longer look, and light trimming will help with taht

There is no need to throw another man under the bus to restore your ego. You are the one who sought succor from Sup Forums
It has mixed results.
Notice that no one, not even I, has shown their beards? I took a picture and declined the roast. It's a beard in progress and is far from up to the "standard" of Sup Forums ;)

Rubbing aloe vera gel on his beard would give him acne? Okay then.

many pubes

That’s gay user, likes my lips keks

Shave that dumb looking shit off. God it pisses me off when people have shitty, wispy facial hair and try to grow it.

>Tfw you'll never acquire a based jake gyllenhaal beard

Why even live?

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In agree with this.

I grew my first beard at 28. Always thought it looked too sparse so it got shaved off after 2 weeks.

The first 2-3 months suck and it will look like shit but it does get better with length.

My beard is too thin to grow long. But it looks ok if kept short

Your diet, exercise, vitamins you take and even razor you shave with impact the rate your hair grows

If i were you just shave it and repeat till it gets thiccer

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Your hair looks super thick at the bottom which tells me you haven't shaved for a while so I think you're one of those types who'll have to wait a few months before you'll have enough to work with.
I made a thread asking for beard help earlier today. It doesn't look like this anymore, I bought a trimmer and trimmed it way down.

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Thats a typical homeless persons beard.

It’s based on your genetics, mostly but there are things you can do. I’m 21 and finally have a nice goatee, but I still can’t grow anything worth showing off up the sides of my face. but I’ve been waiting since I was 17 to get some actual hair on my face, all the men in my family have a thick full face of hair and I thought I just lost hope. I bought some growth pills and took them for three months and I honestly don’t know if they did anything or not to be honest with you.
But what I did notice was when I started changing my diet and exercise routine. That’s when shit started kicking in. If you feed your body crap you will feel like crap. I don’t know your daily regimen but I do know from firsthand experience that diet and exercise can not only make a difference in your hair, skin, and even your nails, but also in the way you feel. I also Dye my goatee with just for men, I have brown hair and my beard grows in red for some reason.
Stay strong, I’ve been through the struggle myself but know that pubes on the face don’t look good, clean shave looks better than you think. And it won’t come tomorrow. Don’t think about it and time will pass. Keep up the good habits king!

I know, I didn't do any maintainance it was my first time growing it out for so long (3-ish weeks). Bought an electric hair trimmer today though so it's at a nice length now

I would do almost anything to grow out a full beard.

I been damned with shit genetics. I'm 30 and I i can barely grow out a goatee. Its not full at all, not dense enough to look good. I dont even have good pubic hair either, its pretty pathetic when i go to a gym and see some 19 year old has better facial/body hair than me.

I feel you bro, the only and one thing I recommend 100% to grow a beard its Minoxidil Kirkland; dude that shit is fucking liquid magic... If you already have pubes, you just need to use it for like 4 months and that's it.

Don't listen to these fucking faggots, Minoxidil is love Minoxidil is life.

>I recommend you go to the gym to get some extra tetosterone too.

How old are you?



Do man shit. Stop eating soy. Exercise. Get grit mother fucker.

All in the genetic my friend. Just try to follow the jaw line when shaping up.

Pic related

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Keep that shit at even deck until it all fills in completely.
Then let it out slowly by increasing the size of the trimmer guard.

you need to learn how to trim properly
thats shits a mess

Shave dude. Maybe try in a few years, but it's just not for you. Everyone will judge you for that shit

>If i were you just shave it and repeat till it gets thiccer
thats not how that works moron

You have to shave repeatedly while its like this. Everyday if u must. Shaving it makes it grow back in stronger. Its that simple.

some people just cant grow beards
as you age it gets easier generally

no it doesnt

Yeah, that's an old wives tale said by moms to get their patchy sons to shave

No it won't. That's not how it works, dude. Trimming can help. It'll look slightly thicker even. But you're slow if you believe otherwise

It looks like when I trim my pubes dude. Please shave.

I am not saying that it gets thicker BY shaving, I am just saying to keep the pubes off of his face till the genecits make the things work you niggers

to add on to this user

trimming helps fill out a beard because it allows all the hairs to get to the same length

shaving and trimming doesnt affect how thick or fast your hair grows

you should take your own advice
you got a full on neck beard going there son

i am happy with the way it looks right now but you have point too, mine needs to get thiccer too

ITT: absolute faggots

nigga your mustache doesn't even reach your beard

this how you look to most people

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so what? I like it that way, show me yours faggot

red fleece on top of blue stripes. whats next? pajama bottoms?

>i like looking like a stereotype of a basement dweller
alright man if thats your aesthetic go for it
may i offer you a fedora and vape?

Definitely looks like pubes. Keep growing them out so your mouth looks like a pussy while I'm fucking it

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i think you dont know what you are talking about, you're probably venting some steam off and projecting because your genetics are fucked up, dont worry user it will be all good in few years when you'll be grown up

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Kys pubeface

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>projecting projection

That's not how hair works, dumbass. Shaving does not make hair grow in fuller.

gain weight. Us fatties rock beards.

I wouldn't be taking beard advice from this "man"

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Use Rogaine to fill in patchyness. It takes months but it does work.

You're too young to grow a beard. Buzz that close, keep it buzzed close, and when it looks thicker, THEN let it grow.

It looks like pubes.

Lol whenever I think of all the foofoos who use all this crap, I just think of what burly bear fighting forefathers would think

The only time I used anything is a bit of was to shape my stache and keep the beard tight when I wear a suit or something

Later in life, oils and shot are good for your face, probably has to do with testosterone, or stable hormones because girls get away with it too, even benefit from it

TL;DR guy with clogged pores is an angsty little bitch

I like the uniform gaps of my beard... like butterfly wings around my lower lip hair

Shave following jaw line, get rid of neck hair. Use coarse brush and beard oil (go to your local barber, fuck Walmart) to keep it in place and smell nice when people hug/greet you. It's not about how thick the beard can be, but your ability to prove how neatly groomed you can be

Become a man, pic not related

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100% unnecessary

two things. hair grows in cycles. not all your follicles follicles fir simultaneously. when growing a beard if you get fed up with patchyness and shave it it resets it all zero. Second, trim the lines on your neck and cheeks. it takes practice but get it off tour neck. its a beard, not chest hair.

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Get a good beard wash and use it in the shower 2/3 times a week. Get a bristle beard brush and use that daily, morning and at night. It stimulates the follicles and blood vessels in the area and promotes growth. You can take biotin, it stimulates hair/nail growth as well, just clip your nails more often. Use a beard oil to keep the hair healthy and hydrated and a balm to style, keep it from looking unruly and let it smell nice. Most of all, just leave it be. Don’t shave unless you’re shaping up (neck line, cheek lines) do all of this and it should help out, you can also look into supplements and products that you apply to your beard and it promotes growth, I’ve never used it though

When I first started dating this succubus, she always complimented my beard being so nice and soft. I was in fighting shape and just finished a week diet of fruit only, and generally when I eat it is home cooked from scratch

...after 6months of mental/physical abuse from her and drinking/weed/coke/cigs (I had quit smoking for 5years before she came along) to numb the pain... It only got bad like 2-3months in when she got comfortable and started showing her true colors, thinking I wouldn't drop her like the bad habit she is.... but yeah, my beard went to shit and is in the process of recovery, even my hair doesn't sit right anymore... now I can see where the lore of succubus comes from, she fucking sapped me.. it's funny too, because the more depressed I got the more I would hope for her comfort, only for her to throw me deeper into depression to the point where I was almost helpless, with no drive to get myself out

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TL;DR: be good to your body

Fuck it lol too hard on yourself