Like industrial music?

Like industrial music?
Like hiphop music?
Like music that makes you want to stomp a pussy nigga out?
Then check this shit out!

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This is b, tits or gtfo. Than we'll look at your shit.

t. coomer dumbfuck who thinks a reaction image is me/OP

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That discord server guy isn't me and is probably another bot but based that he bumped my thread

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now screenshot from your phone

I don't own a phone sorry.

Stop promoting your shit on here you fuckin faggot. Youll get a ban eventually and your music is dogsemen.

Probably not. Sup Forums is pretty shit in the current year so they'll allow it yup....
Also saying my music is shit anonymously isn't going to get me to stop. Blame the majority who like it and take your frustrations out on zoomers. Otherwise stop crying pussy.

the expected response of someone who bumps a thread on two different IP addresses

majority would be a misnomer in this case