Didn't see one so can we get an crossdressing thread started? Starting with some OC of me own

Didn't see one so can we get an crossdressing thread started? Starting with some OC of me own.
Also can I ask the pro cuties out there, how do you all stay smooth?

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Pretty nice outfit op

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More in this outfit?

Kik or discord ?

Sure thing and thanks user!

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Love the legs

Ever use wigs ?

I love when CD put on the heels and fake bras.

I'm not really that comfortable posting muh discord here on/b/ of all places my man. Plus I'm just looking to post and share in some lewds.

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Another bump in my favorite outfit

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Hot outfit for sure



A few times yes actually but my hair is kind of a nightmare to put under a wig cap so I don't try em often.

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u gay bro?

Anyone got any pics of Sneaky's newest set?

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big butts are great

Cute outfit! Especially love the bows on those socks.
Howdy user and good evening, how goes it?

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No trap thread so I'll repost my trash here instead lol. Going to finally take new pics this weekend with a better cam

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Yes lawd

i'd like to request some leg shots

dam, your even cute on potato cam, i cant wait to your new stuff

Like recreate this? Or specifically legs?
I'm hoping they turn out good! New camera only goes to 720 so might see if I can figure out using my phone

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recreate and more bare legs and fishnets if you got them

Was debating on going shopping tomorrow for a new toy since the one in this is getting a little too comfortable might pick up some fishnets if I do

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>see if I can figure out using my phone
i got a cheap tripod thing at the dollar store that fits a phone, then it is freestanding and you can use a timer to get pics

also turn on all the lights and borrow lamps from the living room or something, more light makes the camera work better

yes get some! and tights!

Yea I was thinking I could prop it up against something but then it's hard to do some of the more fun angles (which I couldn't do with the old laptop cam since it would disconnect)
I have some tights but the thigh highs just seem a little sexier

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Am I welcome here?

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thats such a cute outfit!!! you look great!!!

gorgeous body user

yus plz stay

wear them all!
hell even bare legs are nice

Ofc you thicc cutie

Kik Sluttysissyx

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I like the bodysuit thinking of getting something sheer myself
Thanksss I always appreciate confidence boosters
We'll see what tomorrow brings

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Stay i shall!
;* bless the thiccness

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Heck yeah user you're friggen adorable, feel free to post more if you'd like!

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and some toy play of course

32m/31 F EXhibitionist couple here.
KIK: MoogleFreyja
Skype live:zodiacbrave14
Going to be streaming things like: Roleplaying, tasks, CDing, pegging, face sitting, smacking, light humiliation, use of toys, maybe a bit of feet. Also, we are currently getting ready so those of you that contact us, please be patient.

No males.
Females, couples, CDs, traps, etc only

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Those cheeks need to be spanked

>Stay i shall!
i like your thicc-ness alot

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really cute


Of course!

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always with the smile what a fucking cute

>that smile and wave at the beginning
so adorable and cute

Spank me ;*
Theres a sickness for the thiccness
Dont have one );

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No point in dressing up if it's not fun and the most fun I have is being a girl for a few hours in my room

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Get one! I feel so attractive in it

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oh damn very nice, you got more?

would make you into a girl in bed

>sickness for the thiccness
i definitely have that, and you arent helping at all ;p
also id love to help you clean that up

Haven't tried a real cock yet, also debating if I try going to a glory hole tomorrow

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Do it and post pics

nice smile and nice ass
and those clothes
you sure know how to please

where are you from?

Might be hard to get pics if I let them fuck me
Now all I gotta do is learn make-up

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oh shit where in nc?
let me smash

are you going to the gangbang?

Got kik

CLT area
lmfao saw that thread posted and was interested can't believe it's actually here

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you are 11/10 cute

any suggestions for clothing for a beginner crossdresser? im mostly dressing when I get together with other guys for dick sucking, but i also like to when im alone at home.
stuff i can wear to work under my clothes would be fun too. i always wear panties to work now

Ok, some of these pics are ok but when it moves, there is nothing sexy about it, its just awkward. Sorry just callin it how I see it.

not so far

1. Join this server:
.gg/ kdtDgX
2. Post gore and screenshot it
3. DM me and I'll give you 1$ in BTC

Always worried I look like some of the guys that post on /r/crossdressing so thanks lol
Bodysuits/teddies normally fit tight and wouldn't be noticeable
Fair enough haha I tried taking that vid like 3-4 times and finally settled with that one, the mouth breathing kinda ruins it

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Very cute!

Out of pics other than snapchat filter now
>callin it how I see it
>not calling me a guy
Thanks again! Really not happy with that picture either but it's all I had left lol

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give snap

any suggestions or will any kind do?

Snap is only my real boymode one but feel free to hmu on twitter/kik

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alright kik or wherever you reply back

im dressed like a cock addicted whore

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That ass looks good enough to eat

you are, and you look fabulous

oh my bad, KateyTrap. Was supposed to mention it's in some of the filenames

mhmm ill prove its ready to eat when i pull the lollipop out and slurp it up. im sure you can get the taste if you shove your tongue deep.

baby i want more than just my tongue in your perfect ass

finally a trap thread without hormones, that's what i like, post hard dicks and stuff hmmm yeah

i see why girls love taking slutty pictures and uploading them on social media. it feels good hearing how men want to use you.

wait until its big strong hands and hard cocks, not just words letting you know

not hard or particularly big

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Anyone like? I can take few requests, have stockings, heels too

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Got kik and put them both on

would still suck it if that's okay uwu
post moaar

Pantyhose or just thights?

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