What's the big picture with this Iran shit? We all know that once Iran falls the Middle East will follow...

What's the big picture with this Iran shit? We all know that once Iran falls the Middle East will follow. What could the government be trying to cover up with this colossal publicity stunt?

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I don't even fucking care anymore.

>shitskin attacks a US embassy
>kills an American and almost succeeds in burning the embassy down
>shitskin is vaporized for his transgression
>"hurr hurr, orange man mame ww3"
>"hurr hurr, this must be a political move
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Iran is acting as a sovereign country and therefor hurts the interests of US, Israeli and Saudi capital in the region. They helped Syria's legitimate government defeat Saudi backed terrorists and therefor threatened the above interests, as well as Turkish interests in northern Syria.

Recently, it's been trying to help Iraq expel the US invasion force, this is why tensions escalated. As for the assassination of Soleimani, it was an illegal murder according to international law and most likely a pr trick for trump's reelection campaign, since apparently he wasn't imperialist enough for american standards. Don't think it will escalate any further, esp if the US fucked off from Iraq

The Greater Israel Project

you're welcome

also, there are only a few countries left without a jewish controlled privately owned central bank, and IMF control.

they are:
>north korea

Libya WAS one. as was iraq.
are things starting to make sense yet?

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The government isn't trying to disarm you. They're just trying to keep weapons of mass murder under control

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>isis literally posted a video cheering for his death
>responsible for military victories against saudi-backed terrorists in syria, including isis
>assassination against international law, a literal terrorist act
>retards post pics like this

No need for civilians with guns, simply put

Any questions assholes?

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Try harder with your retarded bullshit you faggot

Mr. Cheeto started ww3

>it's OK to kill a fucking terrorist you fucking dumb faggot
>was a listed terrorist under the Obama's term for planning attacks on the US
>what idiot travels to the same country your enemy is being attacked in?
>liberals crying yet again, their american-hating hypocrisy exposed to the world
>retards love to rEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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They're covering up all the shit happening in Virginia.

>implying im a liberal
>implying democrats and republicans have different foreign policies
>implying obama isn't a war criminal
>implying him visiting iraq somehow makes this murder legal

fuck you and your whole imperialist country you fat fuck

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>fuck you and your whole imperialist country

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>proudly retarded

do me a favor, go talk to a cop with your hands in your pockets

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Why are you such a sissy bitch? There have been politicians who have openly stated that they want to disarm citizens. This isn't a conspiracy you pinko faggot.

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what shit?