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sorry dash i didn't notice the feet in time

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It's too late, no more butt stuff for you. Now you get put in a chastity for a week for being a bad boi.

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Receive Christ

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I'll receive him real good~

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lets say two people are locked in a room, one has a gun( man A) and the other does not(man B). man A tells man A to do jumping jacks or he is going to shoot him, man B can either 1: do jumping jacks or 2: get shot. but if man B has a gun as well he can tell man A "im not doing that and if you try to make me i'll shoot you." the outcome of this situation hinges on either mans willingness to be violent

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me and dash enjoy docking together

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what species would hitlers waifu be
can't say human, too corny

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Man A willingly locked himself in with Man B so he could instigate shit and try to get away with it with his sadistic mind game, and if he gets shot he can claim he's the victim when he's actually the perpetrator.

And that is US politics.

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himself as a catgirl fo course

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He had a German Shepherd, Blondi, so probably one of those because we all know he fucked that little fortune cookie when he was high af on cocaine and meth

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if we are assuming man A is the government then yeah, that pretty much sums it up

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OP I don't have furry porn but I have some great shemale stuff, would you deem that acceptable?


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Which is precisely why people need to man the fuck up and go shoot politicians

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no never

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I'm not watching that gay shit nigger

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brb need carrot

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Anyone got any forced furry shit?