Fresh new kik thread

Fresh new kik thread
Y'all know the drill

27/m with big cock

Kik me ur gf/wife/ex/daughter(if legal) ill rate them and tell you what I'd do to them. Bonus points for Asian or petite gals.

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Hard Aussie cock here looking to jerk off to your Mother, Wife, Girlfriend, Sister, Daughter or all of the above, I'm also into RP and talking about our dirty fantasies, Kik is Slavemaster0808

kik: murakumaa
Will rate any cock with accuracy and detail

Send me your girl


Looking to swap pix of Wives, GF, etc. Small cocks getting action are plus but not necessary.

This is my bbw wife. If you like what you see send a sample PIC.

Kik: TCNL0

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No rules!

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looking for cock tributes to pics of my friends ex. send me one and ill send more pics.

Kik: asukalove102

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Robzombi70 looking for someone to send my dick to. Prefer femanon but not fussy. Also send me pics of your toys.

Kik: Thisanalt

Tribute or cuck me with ex gf

Looking for cucks or anyone wanting a good wwyd
Kik: user_27504

Dinghinger, just looking to mutually Jack off with someone

Send me anything no limits kik: remuslikesit

H3l3nrrra who got stuff before last one died

lookin for western WA friends (Seattle area)

Send me pics to tribute

Share your chubby sluts with me

looking for exs/gfs old and young

Looking for gfs/exs

More? Kik hedonicbliss

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Kik @morriton if you want to trade for more of this cutie I fucked last summer. Would love to see who ya got!

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Looking for rough wwyd for my mom and sisters. dickrigid

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Found this girl on omegle a while ago, took me like less an hour to get nudes


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Dont have any nudes

Show them?

Tribute my girls
BWC get nudes

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Lonelyroadie 38m looking for cum tributes to my wife and or trade females too chat with welcomed too

Hot anymore?

I’m an Asian/Latina female
*ask for bottom pics*

Kik: somethennew

Send me some girls


Mexicano, comparto a mi novia, busco otros mexicanos que hagan lo mismo hgwells89


Dominant Bull, usa over 8"

24 m usa

can i cock your wife/gf? hottest girl gets a cum vid. i have a nice cock.


Any bulls into exposing? Told my cuck I’d find him some “safe” bulls to share his girl with. Expose the cuck on here. His kik is edm_monster_303 (no dashes)


looking for teens no cheese

My gf is a thick white slut love sharing her with hung guys happypants28


Kik Shalamar21

Hit me up if u wanna talk about BBC!!

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32m/31 F EXhibitionist couple here.
KIK: MoogleFreyja
Skype live:zodiacbrave14
Going to be streaming things like: Roleplaying, tasks, CDing, pegging, face sitting, smacking, light humiliation, use of toys, maybe a bit of feet. Also, we are currently getting ready so those of you that contact us, please be patient.

No males.
Females, couples, CDs, traps, etc only

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trading her and more

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Sharing wife for a bit. Looking for tribs or captions. BBC preferred.

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Jakerzlinks 25M
Looking to share, trade photos of my wife

Kik user_27504
Let's see what you have

Kik is LLwife
LF someone to talk/wwyd/whatever about my landlords wife

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Forgot to add Kik. Hornyhub0721

Not my kik but this chick loves the attention this gets her and she loves being asked anything.


any pics of her

23, F, like rape videos and pretending it was me.temp kik is

Stroking this cock rn, Kik me at Jsptresbien

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Gameztrong is my Kik with a z instead of an s. Hmu.

33/m/married chat about fantasies, share stories. Cheating, sharing, voyeur/creep, family, etc.

Kik me your dicks, tributes and wwyd for more of my wife

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Anyone have success?

Let me see your drop box/mega
Kik is Rickykendal trading YOUNG girls up to high school age

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Yung no rules trades; vids only. Let me know what you're looking for/what you have to offer before asking me for content (will probably ignore you if you ignore this)

have plenty to trade, if possible avoid stuff you've gotten recently. I trade a lot so you get up to 5 from me and if by that 5, I've seen nothing I don't already have, we're done

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Looking for dudes who will text pics of my girl to their friends. Rfreiz

Send any girls any age
No trade

f 22

Send me pics of your mom's/aunt's/gfs/etc and I'll tell you what I'd do to them


If enough of you are active I’ll make a no rules group chat
Msg zybix951

Make me cum send me your girl and I’ll tell you what I want to do to her while I stroke my cock Kik issaweeze

M 28

Talk to me about erotic hypnosis / Let me spam you with porn or loli / or just chat, I'm bored.

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Msg or scan
No rules

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Jlucky714 looking for friends in southern California

Forgot name

Alexd972 I’ll send you this girls nudes if you make fun of the way I look and the fact that I’m a virgin.

First to message me sees a pic of me sucking cock

Kik: samjames102

Isilverfairy is a literal cam whore

Matching Bulls and Cucks!

Kik me @ Bullishcock

Have made 8 matches already! HMU and let me find the cuck/bull you’ve been looking for!!

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Doesn't work

Kik mr.niceguy5656 for cucks or any trade

Naughtyforall, want to get cucked by bbc


Dare here to put anything in her pussy

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Sharing more for someone to tell me how they would absolutely destroy her.


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Send me girls or porn to chat or roleplay about them.

Sissy slut needs stud in WA

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God I love alt sluts

still looking

Kik me no limits i need to fucking cum! The hotter the picture the better your chances of getting pics of my ex.
Let's see what you fuckers got
Kik : jay45564

i know her

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She show anything else

Got pics of her...baked?


34 straight male Australia

27/m biracial cock looking to get off to white women, no limits. Love feet, hairy, amateurs, creep, bbw.

Trading amateur vids
Have some OC

Kik mtwhite808

19yo bull here. Straight and huge dick. My kik ziguuum

looking for hot cocks to tribute my young, slightly chubby gf
kik: beancangrenade

Kik: willsmith1303

22, M, UK

Got pics of my sister and I’m v submissive

Critique an asian girl and possibly trib her

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Bull here showing off, and cucking betas

kik tuomas146