What's the darkest thing Sup Forums has masturbated to?

What's the darkest thing Sup Forums has masturbated to?

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Some cheese


black chicks

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nice try fbi

Nice try, kgb

I've fapped to that before

t. scat fetishist


Someone describe it, I'm afraid.

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this will turn you on.


I miss you, Terry.

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Terry will be missed

I dont usally jerk off too anything fucked up but once I jerked of to a vid of a girl eating intil she was going to explode she stopped right before she was about to burst and I was disappoint


Don't why but this cracked me up good

Looks absolutely like what a nog would do

das raysis

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Now that's dark

Japanese girls vomiting.

That's pretty tame as far as efukt goes

Really wishing I wasn't such a curious jackass right now

Why did I clicked .... god why

Goddam this fuckin reposted image gives me a boner every goddam time

Ok nevermind

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daisy's desctruction, shit's so cash yo

why do they have such lovely asses and thick cocks? are they the forbidden fruit

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Imagine putting a penis into another benis
the tightness would make you scream

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Memories (and video) of my own csa

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scat femdom when i was 11

Ah, meatspin. I miss the old internet.

You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round.

Asian girl happily licking cow anus while it shit on her face. I was turned on by her enthusiasm.
Also some weird Japanese zoo porn where they gutted the animals (frogs, eels, etc.) near the end of the video and stuffed them into the girl.

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i've always liked how her cunt is blurred but the giant spew of acidic colon lava arcing from her swollen asshole towards her face is still there. moonfags are fucked up. i've jerked off to bakky

I once jerked off to a video of a female prisoner being force fed through a nose tube

Ideally id like to violate at least five of a woman's holes at once

H.R. Geiger artbook

Hey!!! Tub Girl!!! Haven’t seen her in years. She was part of the unholy trinity. Her, Goatse, Lemon Party.