The dollfie files

the dollfie files

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what kind of doll is that? where can I buy one?

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A volks dollfie dream.

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Do you sex it?

thx bro. expensive asf but equally cute!

Oh dear lord no!

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Np, she is the cutest!

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Yeah that would be weird right.

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She is meant to be cute and looked over and taken care of like a baby girl. In return, she makes you smile.

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cute doll

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i think dream is the cheap version is it not

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Obitsu is the cheap version, dollfie dream is middle tier of dollies. The high class version are made of resin and look like glass.

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whats the resin ones called? i regret not getting a dollfie when i was in japan

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They're the same as dollfie but mostly just BJD or ball jointed dolls held together by a rubber strings rather than by joint friction.

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>open Sup Forums first time in 8 years
>see this

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Clearly you asked for this. Go back to being a normie. You will be alot happier. FYI I've been stuck here since 2006.

I'm glad you chose this thread to be your first.

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>sheer shirt

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I remember this copypasta. user later discovered there was a dead child inside of the doll. Horrible ordeal all around.

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That's the lore for Five Nights at Freddy's

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Hey, pervs - your time is coming!

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I think you're in the wrong thread.

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What desk is that? I keep eyeballing it; looks like you got a decent media center combined with a crafting table.

Post feet.

Its a custom made desk. Inside is a computer instead of a computer case. It has speakers and fan control, which is what that screen is.

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Hidden loli server. post loli for a custom role!
.gg/ kdtDgX

Nifty. Seems like you're a crafty individual. How did you adapt the automotive speakers? Good soundcard with adapters?

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Why does your doll look like some fucking karen bitching to speak to the manager?

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Because we all want to have a Karen in our life.

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Wow I can't believe that you managed to make it weirder. Fucking a doll would almost be understandable, but this is just sad honestly

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Ok, boomer.

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