Dubs tells me what to say

dubs tells me what to say

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fuck off

Wanna lick my asshole??

Send feet pics

Show me your dick, sweetie..

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That's a man baby

Let me tell you about the jews

Send tits

"How long have you been transitioning?"


What gender is "Summer"? I'm really having a difficult time deciphering according to that picture.

If dubs, send it this picture of Pickles and say "what do you think of this?"

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Say hello moron

Rolling for this

Its not Summer now but i could have Summer in my life right now

“Have you ever heard the story of the pony jar? It’s a story redditors won’t tell you...”
If I don’t get dubs I blame captcha


lord farquad looking motherfucker

Hi, wanna get married and praise the Lord?

bye bitch

Show me them man-tits bb


summer you got a chin for resting balls on


Wanna get Aids together?

I'd fuck you if you were a cat

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Are you retarded?


sorry i only talk to girls

now deliver

I can suck my own dick


Just say "I know this is awkward but this is 2020, before we go any further, I have to ask, do you have a penis?"

My anal capacity is similar to the one of an elephant

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Fresh off the boat, from tinder, kid? heh I remember when I was just like you. Braindead. Lemme give you a tip so you can make it in this cyber sanctuary: never make jokes like that. You got no reputation here, you got no name, you got jackshit here. It's survival of the fittest and you ain't gonna survive long on bumble by saying stupid shit that your little hugbox cuntsucking tinder friends would respond to. None of that here. You don't say "Hi!". This ain't Tinder, kid. This is Bumble. We have REAL intellectual discussion, something I don't think you're all that familiar with. You don't like it, you can hit the bricks on over to craigslist, you daily show watching son of a bitch. I hope you don't tho. I hope you stay here and learn our ways. Things are different here, unlike any other place that the light of internet pop culture reaches. You can be anything here. Me ? heh, I'm a judge.. this place.... this place has a lot to offer... heh you'll see, kid . . . that is if you can handle it...


Reroll, pls kek, itll be funny


One more time


Fuck it, I'll roll too


Rollun for this

easy, samefag

Ayy bb lemme clap them chimps

rollin for this


Peg me

Oh no! I've been exposed for rerolling! How will I recover?! Fuck off faggot

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roll again, faggot! we believe in you

OP isn't gonna deliver guys... Sorry

we have dubs

OP has failed us...

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Didn’t get dubs but to good not to send

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Pussy didnt follow dubs rule

next dubs gets reply

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id like to take you out on a date. not dinner and a movie, not anything lame and predictable like that, maybe get a few drinks and apps, just walk around town, hit a museum or show, see where the night takes us. you in?

great chin though

So, have you cut your dick off yet or have you not transitioned enough for that?


shut up faggot

All the girlies say you're pretty fly, for a trans guy

I'm pretty sure you have a penis

I'm a pussy cock sucker that likes being dominated I'll eat your cum filled pussy

kek roll



Sure smells like Summer in this thread

TRIPS gotta deliver op

Here we go


A creature of butthole looking face you gross gross.

Me no good with words, want to come munch of yum yum some time ?



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keeping it going dubs again

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Eyyy, legend, cheers mate

deliver on the trips senpai

Want to come over? I’d love to suck on your tits while you read to me. It’s getting late. Uber over. I want to sleep with one of your nips in my mouth.

Let's meet, I'll show up commando

Would you suck my fatty

It's self aware

Also rolling for "Send butthole pics bby"

Haha golden

Show me how those tits fart


Damn wasted my dubs


I'll pay a room at a hotel to meet you just bring your strapon at used pussy for me to eat


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be like "please don't report me" and then send him a picture of the naked banana meme

What gender are you? I'm not into trannies, and if you aren't a tranny, you should consider becoming one because you look very manly. I'm not even trying to troll you at this point; you are a repulsive creature. No wonder you've been on here for 2 years, nobody wants to be accused of dating a she-man subhuman. Fuck, I just vomited in my mouth a little bit.

Rolling for this

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gonna keep going until she doesn’t respond

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Dubs again

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I'll reroll once fuck it


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You, me, a bottle of lube and an internet connected to some of the kinkiest porn around. Lets have some fun together!

so can i eat your cum filled pussy or not? doesn't have to be filled with my cum necessarily.