Daily reminder Hitler did nothing wrong

Daily reminder Hitler did nothing wrong.

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Aren't you complimenting blacks by saying that?

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His thoughts are indirect, to understand it you need to read between the lines

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It doesn't work the other way around and you know it. lol

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>(Science Video)

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Hitler was nothing more than a perpetuation of a war torn world were Jews had become the common house pests. Hitler hated them. Catholics actually hate them. Muslims hated them. Jesus is said to have hated them.

People think that peeling the foreskin off a baby is "harmless". But let a strange man kidnap a baby, tear his foreskin off, and a federal judge hear that case; you will then hear how much of a "nothing" that actually is. It's not nothing.

Jews are low-life, arrogant, unscientific arrogant scum that currently enjoy the fruits of a civilized and scientific society while these yamakah, draddle spinning fuckwits use nano-technology to transmit their religious BULLSHIT via satellite while ignoring the negative feedback that humans OVER A THOUSAND YEARS have given onto them.

Intra racials are one thing. The shift and change in less than a century. Jews have been THE SCOURGE OF HUMANITY for over a thousand years.

Only deluded, self-conceited idiots think that respecting these "Jew", sadistic, obnoxious, invasive, arrogant fuck-tards is a "good thing". They have more victims in their kill count than the Crips, Bloods, Mexican Mafia, and Russian Mafia combined.

So, yes; Hitler did nothing wrong and yet Americans are as retarded as ever.

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Hitler was a politician.
He may have done the best he could, but it's hard to argue he did literally nothing wrong.