Big Gae Fuzz Bread

Big Gae Fuzz Bread

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>mfw no gorilla bf ;_;

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Gorillas have tiny dicks.

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1. Join this server:
.gg/ kdtDgX
2. Post gore and screenshot it
3. DM me and I'll give you 1$ in BTC

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Bring nachos

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moo mmoo how are you?

no u

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I need to swim in cheese

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i love swimming nachos. always needs an ocean of cheese

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Need all the goooe

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Post ur butt

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I already did it twice; once for you I think. I'm not doing it again. I also just don't feel like it.

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soggy chips pls

i havent seen it ugh

It isn't that great anymore so don't worry about it.

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someday i will see the walnut butt

Time to work on it

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Might have been Snarf



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Probably; just not right now.

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lol ok~
nini see ya around~
bye bun

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I am. Just had to fix some health issues first.

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Night Spotted butt

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I usually posted as user up until now. I'll post it again when I'm back to where I want to be.

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You're right, but I'm not going to post my butt again until I'm comfortable with it. If you want to look there are people on /soc that are using past pics of me in all sorts of positions. If you would like a hint I have never shown my face, I'm uncircumcised, and I used to be in the military.

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. . . . So more needle in a haystack goose hunts

Wish my penis wasn't
So tiresome to ejaculate

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For now that is the case unfortunately.

What do you need in order to ejaculate if you don't mind me asking?

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Huge workout of jacking
Butt stuff makes it less time consuming

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Thanks Tank-sama
Going to bed
Keep the bread going!

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What kind of butt stuff?

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He needs his big dildos.

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Sometimes I need them too. Just can't find the right time.

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