User would you be interested in a futa/trap thread? I don't have much but it's the best of the best!

user would you be interested in a futa/trap thread? I don't have much but it's the best of the best!

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did you save the thumbnail?

So this is gonna be all is InCase? Cause who else is there?

There was someone on hentai foundry, "blanket" something, very clean style, and only twinky teen boys with women twice their size. Never been able to find it again

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FUCK! Yes I did, I forgot about that. Apologies.
It will be! I find his style absolutely stunning and I think the way he portrays people he wonderful. I'll try to find that guy!

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Fuck yes I would be futa is my favorite

Did someone say futa?

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pretty much always

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But what about shadman, anayesha, dimtrys? All these noble men should be getting national art foundation funds, not maplethorpe.

Futa on shota is special. It waters those bitch feelings you had for adult women when you had as a kid.

Thanks for contributing kind Anons!

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keep this alive while I hop on my desktop

On a sidenote, I am about 80% sure my roommates heard me masturbating with lotion the other day :) I just played porn of a guy jerking with lotion at max volume and couldn't hear it but I'm still not convinced

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I'll do my best! You gonna jerk off user?

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This is too much slong! Doesn't feel realistic.
I'm out of content but here's a random furry image to bump the thread

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yeah, I've been trying to keep up at least 2 faps a day to see if I can feel any kind of performance boost in the gym after stopping cold turkey in a week or two. Futa every time of course.

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Here's a little something for ya user

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See what's great about this scenario is that I would love to be either people!

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See now this is some good stuff! Beautiful women with above average cocks that aren't insane. Quality posts user

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Like I said, I've been on a kick.

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is it wrong that OP's being slutty to anons in the thread is a fetish?

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If you enjoy it then I don't think it's bad! Thought I wouldn't necessarily say I'm being slutty

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you could start then

All my best pics are big as shit so I can't post them on Sup Forums. Here's a shop I did last night.

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Hmm, but how would I go about that? I might need a demonstration of some kind...

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a solid half of my futa pics are way over 2MB god damn it

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Thanks for making this a great thread Anons! I'm out of material but I hope that it was enjoyed while it lasted.

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Perfect view

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Keep posting please


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Why'd you stop posting?

please continue this thread

It's actually the worst kind of futa. Any kinda of shota is terrible.

I keked at Superman and Flash.