Does the birthmark ruin it for you?

Does the birthmark ruin it for you?

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Sort of

no her saggy tits do.

> There are saggier tits let's see a few now.

looks like a shiner

Areolas too big. Tits saggy. Huge bush. Birthmark just adds another gross thing to an old lady that I wouldn't want anyway. Meh.

I dated a girl with a similar mark on her upper arm. It felt rough like dried skin and I almost puked every time I accidentally touched it. Just turn off the lights and kept my hands on her tits and problem solved. Also encourage her to wear long sleeve shirts.

It’s distracting as fuck which is a shame , maybe get a couple of leopard spot tattoos to cover it up?

tattoos are never a good move

No her ugly mug does

Yeah but I’m OCD about weird shit. For example, I think Selena Gomez is hot as fuck, but she has a mole above her right tit that puts me off.

>Does the birthmark ruin it for you?


Love the body, face is passable but not very good, but the birthmark is disgusting.

Not at all

Not sure. Ones that big are often hairy. That would gross me out,

Perfect amount of sag

Don’t kid yourself. 99% of all btards would literally jump on her with a throbbing sick and prematurely jizz if given the opportunity.


Anyone who says "maybe" or "yes" is a faggot.

no, but her unkempt magical forest sure does.

No. The birthmark is fine. The horse face is a whole other story.

I agree but it’s like nature gave her the worlds ugliest tattoo already

The bush is a massive turn on for me

Absolutely not

Virgin detected

no, however her stupid face with 2 tons of makeup kind of does

Actually no.

That she is a coalburner thot does.

Thot? Hardly but shame on the rest of that statement.

>Being a niggerfucking whore that does porn
>Not a thot
You must be a zoomer or some degenerate millenial. These are the only kind of people that pull off such mental gymnastics.

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The only bad thing about her is that mug... Michael Jackson Nose with a lazy eye and some big ass teeth.

Little bit of nigger is too much nigger