Tell me something interesting about yourself!

Tell me something interesting about yourself!

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My spoon is too big.

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Ruffian Erio is smitten with whIte gold aNd delights in Custard

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No spoon would be too big to shove up your ass tho

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Keyboard warrior shitnuGget Erio is nutS for nizzle-Drizzle.

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Noodle monKey badgerfucker Erio worsHips squiggle and is nuts for nizzle-dRizzle and desires man Foam.

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Rudesby cow Erio venerates face cream

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Dumbo sewer raT Erio idolizes prick lIquid And delightS in dickjelly.

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Riff-raFf snotball Erio worships face creAm

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I will star scenary dance! I am happy about that! And I know spanish, I would like to learn a new lenguage and soon go into college and get some money. I would like a bf too... But meh, I can be happy alone! What about u, user? I hope u r doing okay

Chicken Erio is smitten with dickpuddIng and is Crazy about crack wax

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Mamzer dimwit prick Erio is crAzy about whitE light/white heat and worships oil of ulay.

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Asshole vampire Erio is smitten with happy trAIls and idOlizes sChlong jellY

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Bum-fucker dickbag dickface Erio worshIps nobSlurry.

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Windsucker retard ERiO delights in splooge/Spooge

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GooF cuntzilla vandAl Erio loves custard

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Flake grouch Erio is smITten with choad nEctar.

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Beast Cuntbitch EriO venerates wet paint and venerates wad

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WinO Ape berk Erio is crazy about cream.

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Greeniac Erio desirEs spaff anD is smitten wiTh onward christian soldiers and needs nut butter.

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>I will star scenary dance!


>And I know spanish, I would like to learn a new lenguage and soon go into college and get some money.

Do you English?

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NumbskuLl con man Erio has a tranny addicTIon and worships onward christiAn soldIers.

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Desperado SwindleR fuckbucket Erio is nuts for liquid sIlk and delIghts In slime.

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Puppet ERiO venerateS spratZ.

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PUppet dickfucker Erio loves a jolly rogering and venerates pube solvent.

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Wanker Sono Delights in throat yogurt and adores Nizzle-drizzle and loves pearl jam.

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Douche pigfucker Sono loves tail juicE

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Berk monKeY Sono can't get it up.

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I coom at least 4 times a day
Drink at least 2 energy drinks a day
Eat greasy junk food
Brush my teeth every 2 weeks
Have toe fungus
Bad dandruff
Body acne
Bad skin
One muscular arm

Im literally the coomer

I was cooming while typing this

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Mackerel son of A whore jackass Sono loves hemulsion

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Eunuch vampire Sono LovEs cock snot and adores high fRuctose Porn syrup.

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Shitweasel fuckhead Sono desires rude glue and can eat a dick and is crazy about wad

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Liar sheepshaGger Sono adores slime and idolizes male tEaRs.

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How very true, also I'm not the banana bot.. I just knew it was coming.

Goose fellow rudesby Sono delights IN trouser gravy

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Joker bum cheAter Sono desireS sPunk and worships dickglue and venerates Prick liquid.

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Baby twatwaffle Sono is nuts for tadpoles and worships dickjam aNd loVes a jolly rogering

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Fuckweasel Sono needs nizzle-drizzle and iS crazy about man period and Worships man foam.

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I knew you weren't the banana bot, that's why I gave you an actual response lmao

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Low-life baby pig Sono is nuts for pRotein shake.

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Pirate Sono desires lOve liquoR and is smitten with spew.

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Idiotist lamebrain Sono is crazy aBout live cultureS and venerates nobsluRry.

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Fish Sono worships white lighT/white heat and lOves lovE liquoR anD adores baby batter.

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Switching from Paxil to Zoloft about 3 months ago resulted in me losing 20 lbs. Yay.

Eunuch Sono delights in high Fructose porn syrup.

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Ape Sono needs pube solVent.

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Beldame cunt fart Sono desires bonkjuice And is a cum chugger and needs happy trails

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Mucky Pup bogeyman sewer rat Sono needs Trouser gravy

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Wanker monkey SonO desires dIcktaLlow.

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Hey, a lot of people would be grateful for that weight loss

jk tho have you been okay?

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When I was a teen, sometimes I’d listen to porn in my headphones to help me fall asleep. Didnt even need to watch it, for listen and I sleep like a baby!

What kind of porn? There are plenty of varieties

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Riff-raff pervert Sono is nuTs for squiggle and idolizes high FructoSe porn syRup

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HorsEfucker clown beginner Sono delights in high fructose porn syrup

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Cockwomble ho SonO needs scum.

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AsSweed Sono needs satchel syrup and desires face cream and delights in man chowDer

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Cuntass Sono worShipS nizzle-drizzle.

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Oxygen thIef Sono lovES white honey and adores love liquor aNd adores Nut butter.

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Oh and there he is

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Cockholster SonO Worships oil of man and needs erectoplasm.

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Querulant SonO adores man period and is Nuts for onwarD christian sOldiers and venerates oYster droppinGs

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MutanT cow Sono delightS in nobslurry.

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Low-life Sono idoLizes pearl jam and idoliZes willymiLk

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LaMebrain hosebag Sono adores pube solVent

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Junkie arseFace Sono woRships Splashback

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Horsefucker Sono desires ball barf and desires white RiBbon and is nuTs for schlong jelly

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Cunt fart ERio adores weiNer saUce and adores man seed.

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BeetLehead buttfucker Erio venerates dIckgLue.

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Fucktard Erio worships man fOAm and loves erectoplasm and worships baby batter.

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Nerf herder EriO IdolizEs string of pearls and is crazy about white gold

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Fellow gold digger Erio has a 2 inch penis and loves Nut butter and desires loads

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Hooplehead arse son of a motherlEss goat Erio delights in population pasTe.

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Megadouche ErIo loves wHite honey and worships saTchel syrup.

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ChuRl son of a motherless goaT Erio adores live cultures

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Inbred junkie Erio idolizes monkey juice and delights in cock snot.

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Bozo Erio idolIzes man foam.

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Sleeze bag prick Erio is nuts foR white honey.

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Ruffian Erio desires loads.

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Ass-kisser Erio worships wad and is nuts For satcheL syrup

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Dodo rowdy EriO is nuts for cock droplets and worships cock droplets.

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Pain in the Ass Erio venerates fructiS and loves live cultures and idolizes liVe culTures.

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Yes-man Erio loves trouseR grAvy and is crazy about spew and idolizes male teaRs.

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Bootlicker jeLly Erio venerates scUm

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Queer ratcaTcher Erio idolizes loads and idoliZes jizz.

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Shitnugget zitface snotball Erio worships dickhoney

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Ignoramus Erio venerates face crEam and needs wet paint and deLights in wank paste.

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Shit stain xenophobe Erio dElights in face cream and desires dickspendings.

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Con man wacko Erio Venerates weiner sauCe and is crazy abOut jizz

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Cretin Erio is Crazy abOut penis colada And woRshipS splooge/spooge anD is nuts for ereCtoplasm

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SnowFlake Erio venErates pube sOlvent and loves DongwaTer

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DegeNerate Erio WorshIpS rudE glue anD adores man foam and idolizes pole miLk.

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SwindleR pinhead lurdanE Erio desires bonkjuice and loves white light/white heat And is smitten with Man foam

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Sadist cockmaster bum Erio worships dickpuDDinG

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Hypocrite cuntsucker Erio is Crazy abouT dongwater.

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Ass-nuggEt Erio worships ball barf and loves white gold and Desires jizz.

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Con merchant jackwagon EriO loves dickspendIngs

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Fuckhead bluntie fUCk Erio is crazy about spew and is nuts foR cream.

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BuFfoon cockmaster bugger Erio worshIps male tears and adores crack wax and is smitTen witH loadS

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Joker badgerfuckeR Erio is nuts for Cream

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Sausage-maSseuse loser Erio loves dickjaM and is crazY about protEin shake

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