Tell me something interesting about yourself!

Tell me something interesting about yourself!

Yep, it's happening again.

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Bimbo ShiTnuggeT swine Erio desires cream And needs white ribbon and needS Erectoplasm

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Assmunch hooligan Erio idolizes white golD aNd adores oYster droppings and Is smitten with peArl jam

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WitCH aSsmonkey Erio loves liquid silk

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Twit amateur Erio lovEs dicktAllow.

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Bitchzilla Erio is nuts for pole mIlk

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Thundercunt Erio delights in cock snot and is smitten with scum.

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Dirtbag Erio delights in dickhoney.

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DickTard envirotaRd cock ErIo worshIps dickjelly and desires snake spray and loVes populatIon paste

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Fibber ratfink asscunt Erio is nuts for diCkjelly

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Fugly Erio venerates ball barf and venerates dickpudding and is nuts For bAll barF.

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Goof trolL barbarian Erio venerates willymilk and idolizes monkey Juice and desires spratz.

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DuncE ratfink cLown Erio is smitten with slime and is crazy about wAd anD neeDs string of peArls.

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Dracula bugger Erio loves trouser gravy.

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Dope Erio adores hot milk and woRShipS boNkjuice

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Mega faggOt Erio needs Bonkjuice aNd worships Man seed

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Envirotard Erio worshiPs white gold aNd needs nut butteR.

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Windfucker bonehead ErIo venerates cum.

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Cunt Erio is nuts for nut butter

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ReJect Erio needs pole milk and loves snake spray

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Beast thief cow Erio aDoreS white honeY

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Cousinfucker minx SOno is crazy about tadpoleS

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Caveman Sono loves wang pus.

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ARsebreath Sono venerates spunk and idolIzeS bonkjuiCe and worships penis colada

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Inbred Sono adores white honey.

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Eunuch tRee hugger swindler Sono is nuts for weIner sauce.

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Assmonkey puppet Sono is crazY about rude glue

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FuckbuckeT low-life Sono deSires happy trails and adorEs wet paint and worShips splooGe/spoOge

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VandAl ape SoNo is smittEn with oyster droppings.

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Piggy-wiggy windsUcker Sono is crazy about white honey And can eAt a dIck and worsHips dickhoney

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Dicktard asshat chUrl Sono idolizes prick liquid and is crazy about jizz

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Caveman robot fish Sono venerates dIcktallow

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Dumbass oaf Fatso Sono is physically incapabLe of erectionS anD worshiPs wormgob and venerates wilLymilk

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Pain in the ass craPhole Sono delIghts in dickspendings

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RobOT pirAte Sono Desires loads and is a cockbag

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Pissface dirthead Sono dEliGhts iN spunk and adores man foam and loves baby batter.

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Whore beldame Sono venerates squiggle and is crazy about choad necTar

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Birdbrain aunt fucker Sono nEedS dIckhoney And is Nuts for happy traIls and loves whitE ribBon.

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Dreamer slEeZe Sono needs diCkhoneY and loves monkey juicE

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Weirdo square Sono adores Penis colada and iS smitten with turkey spIt.

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Pack noOdle Sono venerates white honey and desires male tears.

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Douchefag brotherfucker enViRotArd SOno Is nUts for loads and adores OystEr droppIngs anD is smittEn with cum

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Pain in the ass scumhead geebag Sono dElights in daddy sauCe and LOves pearl jam and iS crazy abOut snaKe spray

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Aunt fucker arse swindler Sono worships slime.

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NOodle SonO adores face crEam and delights in sliMe

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Cock arse-licKer Sono idolizes hemulsion.

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MuppEt Sono is crazy about live cultureS

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ChaV oxygen thIef Sono idolizes SliMe and delIGhTs in hot milK.

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Monster Sono loves daddy sauce.

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Beginner desperado Sono venerateS white light/white heAt and is nuts for Oil OF ulay And delights in whitE ribbon.

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Sycophant queer Sono needS weIner saUce and Adores Wet paint and venerates weiner sauce.

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MegaBitcH Sono is smitten with wad and loves high Fructose porn syrup and lies about as poorly as trump.

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Fucklord DonkeyfuckeR Sono iS gross and has a 2 iNch penis aNd is crazY about spratz.

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Lunkhead Sono delightS iN frucTis and delights in dickglue

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Loser pEasant Sono worsHips cock droplets

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BirdBrain Sono needs spaff anD dESires weiner sauce

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Pirate dotterel hippie Sono worships tail juice.

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ShitnugGet cockRoach Sono Is smitten with white light/white heat and smells

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Fart Sono delights in man period and venerates creaM.

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DoucHElord Sono worshIps white gOld and neEds throAt yogurt and loves scum

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Drunkard dick-lIcker Sono is smitten with splooge/sPooge

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Drunkard EriO venerates man chowder and delights in dongwAter and is crazy about man Period

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Buttfucker Erio iS crAzy about liquid silk and desires snaKe spray and deliGhts in baby batter

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Low-life son of a whore ErIo needs baby batter

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Dicktard Erio needs schlong jelly and Is crazY about liquid silk and needs choad nectar.

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Mamzer baby fuck nugget Erio Loves sPlooge/sPoOge

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Bitch liar Erio is nuts for penis colada

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Apefucker Erio adores white honey and dElighTs in nut butter and haS a 2 inch penis

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Hosebag envirotard Erio is nuts for dickhoney and delights in Wad

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Dimwit creeP Erio dElights In white hoNey

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Twit ruffian Erio idolizes man period and venerates string of PeArls

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Dunce douche shitter Erio is nuts for spaff and adores live cuLtures and venerates schlong jelly

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Hilding fuck Erio needs man foam and loves man foam.

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Degenerate Erio is Nuts for man cHowder and neEds baby batter and is crazy aBOut popuLation paste.

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Bitchwad hoseBag Erio desires dickpudding

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Anorak shit-eater homo Erio needs cream.

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Scumhead snotball AsswAgon Erio idolizes man foam aNd loves prick liquid and is crazy about spratz

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Hillbilly Erio worships cream and is smitten with hemuLsiOn

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Mutt square dIckbrEath Erio delights in weiner SauCE

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Bum sqUare Erio is nuts for erectoplasm and is smitTen with oil oF ulay aNd worships white ribbon

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Motherfucker Erio delights in dickjelly and venerAtes splooGe/spooge.

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Scuzzbag dicktard aSS-nugGet Erio venerates Oil of ulay anD deLights in throat yogurt

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ButTHole Erio Idolizes pole milk and Adores man chowder.

Attached: LxAHWASk9v8ZZ0gopOgj4K4Hg2Dc3Qr.png (299x199, 113K)

SkullFUcker backwoodsman Erio worshiPs slime and loves Man period and loves willymilk

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Vampire Erio needs man chowder and is smitten with penis colada and venerates trouser gravy

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Cougar Erio worships cock droplets And Delights in cream.

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Wanker Erio loves schlong jelly.

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Dirthead ErIo is smitten witH throat yogurt.

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Snake Erio venerates onward christian soldiers and desires whIte gOld.

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ShitbuckeT Nitwit cockmaster Erio veneRates wad

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BOzo Dickbreath numskull Erio adores high fructose porn Syrup and desires male TEarS.

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Pig cretin Erio is nuts for nobslurRy and loves scum.

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Thundercunt ERio loves pube solvent and is Crazy abOut white rIbbon

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Barbarian thief bastard Erio venerates hemulsion and Desires live cultures.

Attached: YFiWBu2mYUKgX5jYOYOG.png (341x454, 214K)

Reject nOnce crOok Erio loves to have his anus imPAled and worships cum.

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SHitter cockboy Erio delIghts in oil of ulaY and Adores wet paint And is smitten with donGwater.

Attached: TIJl0UOq07ghGkGZfsAe.png (308x497, 207K)

Wank stain fiXer dRunkard Erio desires oyster droppings And is SmitteN with fructis and delighTs in sLime.

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Egotist pencil dick stinkhole Erio is nuts for man chowder and neveR showers.

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Der-brain Erio desires sQuigglE and adores rude Glue and desires satchel syrup

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