Legal ways to get high?

Legal ways to get high?

I have no connections and can't catch a misdemeanor or felony, what are some legal ways to get high? Already use Kratom occasionally but don't want to get addicted so I only do twice a week.

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I know wat u mean man. I feel like the only person who wants to smoke marijuana and drop LSD, and thinks those drugs are okay, but doesn't do it because of fear of legal consequences. It seems like everyone is either "yup acid and weed are cool and i do them both" or "Marijuana and LSD are bad for you, don't ever do them". No one ever says "Marijuana and LSD are cool, but the law will destroy you, so i avoid them"

DXM is said to be a lot better than you would expect from a legal drug.

Alcohol is decent if you chug several glasses of water to avoid a nasty hangover.

i think bacon and donuts are so good that those things might as well be drugs.

You need some practical chemistry experience to do this, but Nitrous oxide is easy to make. thermal decomposition of ammonium nitrate mixed with sand.
wash the crude nitrous oxide by bubbling thru a sodium hydroxide solution. washing&qid=1579324047&s=industrial&sr=1-7 and add some oxygen gas to the balloon, so you can inhale it without asphyxiation.. you can make oxygen by adding manganese dioxide from pottery stores to hydrogen peroxide.

other than that, the government is sadly very good at making sure you don't have any fun.

if you have chemistry experience, it's also easy to extract DXM from robocough gels to avoid nausea.

boof vodka

I've done DMX, I'm not really look for something that's going to make me trip, although DMX is nice at lower doses. I just feel it shouldn't be done more than once every 2-3 weeks.

BUTANE - NMDA antagonist and GABA potentiator - induces anesthesia when inhaled

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This seems extremely risky / dangerous. Not trying to drop my IQ another 20 points

I only did dxm once, and I’ll never forget. It was like being super drunk without having to vomit. It was awesome.

diethyl ether

I already do Kratom. Here's my issue with it: I take 5 grams on my day off, take a bit of caffeine after it kicks in, I feel over the moon amazing. Wears off in 2-3 hours. Now what?

That is the sweat spot, but increase it much more than that and you'll start tripping, it's a completely different experience. not fun man.


Thanks reading about this now. anything else to add?


alcohol you fucking weirdos and future my strange addiction tv show guests

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Alcohol sucks dude. Unable to be productive on it, causes liver damage, dehydrates you, can make you feel like shit for days, calories... it's garbage

Poppy seed tea or hawwaiin babywood rose seeds.

I heard that customs is stopping more packages.

you have to be more understanding!
he said legal and op is obviously underage.

Op, try holding your breath for as long as you can, that should do it


I know alcohol is a dirtier drug than marijuana and LSD, but it's still decent.

i keep jugs of distilled water to stay super hydrated, minimize negative side effects.

alcohol is good for jacking off to pictures of cute girls on the internet, watching stupid youtube videos, and chatting on IRC like a crazy person.

How make DXM?