Sup Forumstards in relationships: how did you meet your gf/wife/trap?

Sup Forumstards in relationships: how did you meet your gf/wife/trap?

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Church group





I don’t, I just steal their nudes :(


Brother's shop


out of nowhere in the middle of a party we make fun of the same fag in tight pants

If you're single and looking to meet a girl the lack of dating apps mentioned should be an important discovery

pokemon forum

Please elaborate

Like this

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She was dating one ofy best friends at the time.
First time I meet her was at another friend birthday party and I was there with my gf.
My friends gf asked me to dance and there were just something about her, then she kissed me and that was that. I feel for her so hard that day but it took us over 5 years after that to understand that we where in love for real. We both broke up with our previous and have now been together for 7 years. I love her with all my heart.

At the bar. She's a depressant who drinks too much though. Kinda buyers remorse.

Work. She was dating a chick for the last 3 years . i come along like a fucking boss and sweep her off her feet. Give her the d. And turn her into a freak in the sheets. She was 20 i was 35. Got married last year. Im still a fat neckbeard and she is still pic related

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Messaged her, we talked for a bit, added me on Snapchat. She wasn't posting on either or anything, just had the account to watch videos I guess

Wow gonna need some advice my guy
I need to impregnate a 18-25 year old tall blonde woman and am totally inept at dating

Give more info. Are you already dating?

Triathlon club in college. We've been together since '08 and have a 14 month old.

I enjoyed sleeping with her. Was nice that she let me do it without a condom.

Work. Been happy every since. Best fuck I've had too. She's super kinky

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Hahaha! fucking a nigger is like the lowest of the low. Hope you didn't overpay faggot!

Nice and tight. Good job user.

And then you wonder why women don't like you

Pick one

Yeah man. I consider myself lucky

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Sup Forumstards in relationships!!!!!!!!!!????????????/
that is a paradox ?????????
an impossibility ?????????
is this some sort of christian magic???????????

Some of us get to pick. Others just masturbate. Also, pretty sure she's Latina but you wouldn't know how to differentiate women anyway

Is that because she hasn't stolen all your stuff yet?

me and my now ex wife where catfishing each other on MySpace .
remember MySpace?
she is a lesbian now

No. That is a nigger. 100% chimp.

What kind of beta cuck gets their stuff stolen?

Now that's the diversity the past glory of this board was founded on

100% virgin lol

>raped her in a dark alley, put my seed init
>her parents learned out
>they are super traditional
>forced her to marry me
>smh ezan intensifies
>been raping her ever since

The same kind that has to resort to fucking niggers. Probably taking care of her other eight kids too! Hahaha!

No not dating anyone now
I'm 24, white, 5'9, kind of skinny, moderately attractive/average face

Stay inside behind the laptop. The real world is too much for you.

there are no girls on the internet

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>he fell for it

was TA, she came to my help sections all the time, asked her out at end of semester

Hahahaha! I didn't hear a denial! Dating sine 08 but kid just came in 18? Hahaha!
Sounds like her oldest chimp spawn was 8 when you got together and now that she is 18 she got pregnant to make sure she has the gibmes for another 18 years!
Get cucked traitor!

With those I wonder what kind of past she has though

Nice ass too; said she's kinky
Does that include anal ?

grug see smoothface
grug like smoothface
grug like soft meat on smoothface chest
grug hit smoothface with club
grug drag smoothface back to grug cave
grug lay with smoothface
smoothface now grugs smoothface

I'll take advice whereever I can get it

please get these christians off this eastern orthodox scientologist server thx

also at a church youth group, dated for 4 years, broke up like 2 yrs ago now she smokes meth

Are... Are you okay? Has your soy run dry? No kids. Saying dating steady 6 years. Just bought a house. I know you won't believe that because Reddit tells you we can't be true but unlike your diet, there's actually substance to what I have. Perform Coitus

Sup Forums Sup Forums

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salam, brother

you know the user was 100% larping, right?

She does to anal. I was her first and she's into it. That was 5 years ago. We just bought a house so it's going good. My only advice, as much as this may sound cliche, just think about more than just yourself. Being self aware goes further than being physically attractive

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salam my fellow muslim jihadist brother
do you rape your children as well?

Was this in the 90’s?

i just met this girl on this dating app for ppl who like sandwiches, i like mine with extra mayonnaise, we have not had sex yet but she says im in for a big surprise.
i think that sandwich dating app is called grinder like the sandwich

Lol nope all true have 2 kids and a dog
Living the dream

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>n-no! im not making it up!
>y-you guys believe me right??


Cant forget doggo

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even in his larps he gets girls

I can't even do that

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>thinks anyone believes the larp
>thanks anyone cares

oh i get it, pic is of your gf, she looks ruff

So rough

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Camping trip with friends

Thanks for the advice Sup Forumsrother but I'm gonna remain a loner for a few more years I think the way things are going

But being selfless is already the ideal by default with people in general for me anyway

Hope she won't bleed you of half your assets in the future

would immediately kick her out of my house the instant i saw those weird slanted "nipples"

i just came looking at your gf,
wtf is with her nipples

Through a friends gf

High school

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Once a cheater, always a cheater

It takes a certain lack of something to do someone dirty who holds you so dear

She has innies lol. They come out just like normal when she gets turned on . it does give her a nipple fetish and its a small price to pay being the fat old neckbeard i am but hey you do you bro

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High school sweethearts

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And see

proud of u bro

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i just met her at Yaoi con
i cant what to see her naked
i still dont know what a Yaoi is


let me guess, i dont know her, she lives in candida

no we live in minnisota. Or south canada as she calls it

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Larp: The Thread

my 2nt wife at divorce court

Nope but its not all great. She is super jealous .. Seriously... Like im a stay at home dad and she works nights so she can be home all day. But i do get sex on demand. So its not all bad

ya right what part?


I met her in Agra, India.
Both from US
Both from Montana.

We moved from texas to this hellscape last year because the last of her family loves here. I love snow dont get me wrong but fuck man not 4 solid months of this shit and the next 2 day its gonna suck

Selling Heroin.

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Zip code: 56265
Area code: 320

She was the slutty friend of my gf before her. When we were in the club together and my gf didn't want to dance we went to a dancefloor together and she tried to make out, touched my dick and grinded on me. Because it was so easy and because of her 9/10 body we started being fwb when I broke up with my gf.

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Well my area code is 405. But yeah thats the right zip

Dogs are useless and stupid.


Naw he is a good guard dog... If only this town had crime... And my girls love him so he is worth it

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