Mal needs your white babies! Breed her now!

Mal needs your white babies! Breed her now!

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I volunteer

Why is her body shape so different than normal fat chicks? Her stomach is really small considering how big she is.

Is it from exercise or genetics or what?

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No problem. Give contact info.

>Is it from exercise or genetics or what?


What a cow

Does the thought of her moaning "MOOOOO!" while you fuck her rippling ass make your dick hard?

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actually, now that you mention it.....

Fucking gorgeous, nearly ideal body, loose 10-20 and she would be perfect

But I am a mutt.

What do?

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Holy fucking shit.


in the mal discord i’m in there’s this one guy who’s always talking shit about her. it’s funny and sad at the same time.

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Does she do porn?

i would promise her a baby and only after several months of filling her up with my cum would i tell her i had a vasectomy 5 years ago

Link to the mal discord? Please

I miss the old Mal. Fat Mal makes peepee sad.

Link to sauce for a phone fag

i still find her attractive but i’ll admit that i think she was even more attractive when she was slimmer. it’s sad watching her recent videos because it’s just her eating.

Slim Mal was hot, but she's still one of the sexiest fat women I've ever seen. Something in between where she used to be and what she looks like in the OP would be just about perfect.

Even fat she's literally built like a stone age fertility goddess.

Fuck, I never want to see that. Peepee might not recover.