Who are you voting for

who are you voting for

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Vote for Pedro

Check em, keep America great

I'll be a first time voter and basically, I might just go with YangGang for the memes or Trump for the memes and I support some of his ideas

Trump, duh

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yang gang, but if he doesn't make it probably sanders

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fuck drumph

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George Bush

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check'd for trump

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Pulling the straight republican lever as a fuck you to the batshit crazy identity politics of the left.

this thread is triggering me
fuck you fascists

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I'm thinking of writing in Hitler.

I vote for Freddy

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the W right?


cunt af


yang is love, yang is life!

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i'm voting for sanders or libertarian
voted trump last year cause sanders lost to the DNC

Montgomery Brewster


anyone named bloomberg

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is he still running?

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lol yang is not fit to be presdent nor is sanders. hell probably get a heart attack and die in the unlikely chance he is put into office

Sanders + Yang 2020

would you let him sniff your daughters hair?

>i'm voting for sanders or libertarian
>voted trump last year cause sanders lost to the DNC

Last year?

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Hitler 2.0 is in 2024.

Trump. Don’t care about any shit he’s done that’s viewed negatively. Truly don’t. Independent research says he’s done much more good than all the bad. Some of it’s unforgivable. Much more of it is much, much less bad or in poor taste than the alternative: Social ruin and a cancerous liberal ideology heading the nation into chaos. Fuck that.

Americans want Trump. Trannys want Sanders. Biden has no hope.

No one. All the choices suck, and my state doesn’t allow write in votes.
I’ll go so I can vote on local/state ballots, and nothing for presidency since it’s the electoral college that decides.


I am a immigrant so on election day I concentrate on stealing American jobs.


I was at a bar the other day and a group of trannys were there in support of O'Rouke before he dropped out. my guess is they are for warren now

You can have mine.


Beta O’Fagboy?

yang 2020, gimme dem neet bux!

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Anyone but Trump, he's a piece of shit.

Changed my mind, voting for Trump now because of you.
I hope you’re happy.

Elizabeth Warren. She seems smart.

>>Fake University
>>Fake Charity
>>Windmills cause cancer

You're a piece of shit too, clearly.

you're an idiot

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Well, definitely not voting for Trump. Present to me a reasonable Republican and I'll consider voting for them. You won't, though. You Conservative Christians have lost your way and are too pussified.

I'll likely vote for a Democrat. Many of their candidates are too extreme for my liking, but at least I know they have the interest of our nation in mind.

I’m glad it got the reaction I’d hoped for, and you’re the exact type of person I assumed you are.
If I could vote twice legally, I’d do it for extra rage from you.

Found the lying libtard.

Who ever is less of a nigger

and now i've changed my mind, thanks to you i'm voting for commie Yang

because fuck you, that's why

is Vermin Supreme (aka Boothead) running again?

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who gives a fuck if you vote for somebody who's not going to win. go ahead retard

I want to like Trump, but he is almost def a pedo. I can almost forgive him being buddies with Epstein, the guy hung with everyone. But the whole owning Miss Universe and barging into underage girls rooms while they are changing seals the deal. Dude is a fucking pedo.

I'm undocumented from mexico and I'm voting for warren

Thought Yang ended his bid. Huehuehuehue.

I don’t mind - when you get caught and arrested, then sent to prison for 5-10, I’ll still be laughing.

This retard thinks people get caught voting illegally.


I live in california lmao

You’re already in a shithole, prison would be a step up in your case because they don’t let prisoners shit in the hallways and main rooms.

lol didn't Trump make a whole division to investigate and arrest all these so called "illegal voters", but it was forced to close down because there wasn't any found?

The one time someone was retarded enough to get caught, and it made national news. That should tell you how rare it is to get caught.



From your article: "In 2017, at least 11 people nationwide were convicted of illegal voting because they were felons or noncitizens,"

And there are millions of illegals voting (per Trump). It is more likely to be struck by lightning than get caught voting illegally.


you're mom

With your luck, you’ll be caught.

I’m voting for this guy’s mom too.

Whoever the Libertarian candidate is.

This political duopoly we call "free and fair elections" is total bullshit.


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same pic same thread same time? are we being data mined here or am i just off my meds?

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warren, Bernie is a lieing jew.

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cool, got your ip address, say hello to ICE for me

and warrens a fucking idiot

Barney Flanders, but I may change my mind and vote for that Warren Buffet lady

>yang is life

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Noooo that's not the picture I saw on cnn pls delete


>Iran takes revenge on trump and America for taking out a soldier outside of their own borders
>shoots down a Ukranian passenger plain in retaliation even tho 90% of Americans don't even know where tf Ukraine is on a map
>Trump backing out of the war with Iran
>NATO and the UN calls trump a warmonger and try to shame him while Iran commit literal war crimes and hint at nuking America and probably other NATO countries
>maybe they nuke unrelated neutral countries too while they're at it.
>>Trump is a warmonger who dooms us all! shame on him! shame on America!

I thought it was very unnecessary to take out their general, but their retaliation is 100 times worse and monstrous. also, might i remind you that a nuclear war might end the entire world?... imagine fallout 4 but you cant respawn and you become sicker and sicker due to the radiation poisoning. you don't live in the wood with your dog, you'll live in a city resembling Nigerian cities during a police sate desperately trying to maintain order in the chaos that is the slow extermination of all complex life as everything being digested is poisonous be it the air, the water or the food. you, your dog, your grandma, your kids, your wife and all your friends will puke out their own blood in 5-10 years time and die and nobody can't do shit about it. sounds fucking horrible right? this is why a cold war never escalated to "the war". the skies would be filled with radioactive dust raining down everywhere on the planet. Iran wants this future for every person in this world to make a fucking point to America. they're the country version of a school shooter and instead of charging the school shooter and at least try to tackle him everyone now cry in the corner while they try to get his to empathise with them in their last moment.

fuck trump he's a pussy
fuck nato they're fucking retarded pussies
fuck the UN they're incompetent at everything they meddle with


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bernie 2020 of course.

Trump is a zionist traitor