Warm bed for comfy celebs

Warm bed for comfy celebs

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stone pics

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no blacks in this thread

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Emma Watson.

what about drake

Only idiots think she's attractive. Go lol yourself

no annoying egotistical losers either

what if Millie is in them or do you mean people. If it's the latter I support you 100%

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So what are you up to these days, anyway?

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one day you'll understand ;)

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understand what?

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keep it up ;)

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honestly? get her drunk, smoke some weed, then try to fuck her good.

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This 100%

Not even gonna try to hold her hand?

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what are you a gay?

If by hold her hand you mean lick her pussy, then yes.

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she a bad thang

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If I was gay would I like boobs as much as I do? Love those things, nice... heavy uh bags of sand.


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those fuckin legs, man

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Post more lewd Millie please

how lewd are we talking about here?

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all of them

This is my favourite look of hers, people say that she looks so much older in it, I think that's a good thing.

It gets everywhere.

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its coarse and rough

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nudes when?

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those heels would look damn fin on my shoulders

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Unlike Laura who is soft and smooth. :3

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imagine the smell

oh jesus


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I have no idea.

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Damn somebody beat me too the punch

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LOL great minds think alike, and all that ....

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that was me lol

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MBB when she found out the nudes got released.

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True lol
Fair enough lol

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You are fucking retarded. What the fuck is wrong with you?

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I'd guess he got all he wanted out of her a few times. Splittin' dat peach.

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I would take the sloppy seconds in a heart beat.

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All he say was explain...why are YOU sperging out like a fucking retard?

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what's up with all the millie? bd spamming her again?

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love that pic

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Needs more Millie.

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I pretty sure there is a least 2 or more of them. One could be BD. Not sure.

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we are legion.

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One of them is some dude pushing 50, he talked about it once. There is always milliard posters though, usually not this bad.

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boomers like millie? holly shit

Everyone likes Millie.

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Redhead is miles hotter. Pathetic the brunette can cake makeup on but can't figure out her teenage beauty is already gone.