So the gf and I have been having an unusually good sex life after about 6 months where she said she was "too tired" to...

So the gf and I have been having an unusually good sex life after about 6 months where she said she was "too tired" to really get into sex.
Now she's hinting that she wants me to watch a nigger fucking her. Should I say yes to this/ How the fuck would this even benefit me? Pic related. It looks a lot like her. I spent about 15 min trying to find the right one lol

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You’re such a faggot OP.

Excuse me, what? Who has the fucking gf here? You? No?
That's what I thought. STFU.

This will not benefit you, retard.

I currently do this
It's a love/hate lifestyle
Recommend only if you can handle it

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OK I don't understand what makes me "retarded." I'm questioning whether my relationship be allowed to go that way. That should be enough. Not sure why this is turning into an "OP is a faggot" thread.

You do what? You let a nigger fuck her? She's fucking hot. Isn't that demeaning to your relationship? That's what I'm really worried about. :~)

What a faggot cuck. Kys OP

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End it bro, dont degrade yourself like this; find a woman who loves you for who you are, not one who wants you to provide for her while she gets railed by BBC

OP is a cuck confirmed.

My advice is to ditch the cunt, she probably cheated already you poor bastard

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Shut up you retarded faggot.

You dont have a gf.
She hasn't brought up wanting to have sex with a black guy.

This is just a LARP by a BBC fetishist.

OK I actually have an "in" at her father's brokerage and it's likely to make bank. We probably shouldn't split up if I want to get a job there. :~)

Op just wanted us to play along with his cuck fantasy. What a fuckin beta male

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OK again, I am not retarded but rather a very educated person user. You don't sound anywhere close to that. :~(

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Feel bad saying this but she's not yours anymore OP break up with her it's not worth it.

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Pretty sure OP is baiting at this point

We spend most of our time on the foreplay element: finding the right bull, going on dates, etc.
So far she's only sucked him once and played with his dong a few times. This weekend we plan to go the full way. I'm nervous cause he's hung like a horse.
Sure it's demeaning but if there's enough love in the relationship it can overpower that

Because you are turning into a cuck faggot

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user, she might have been cheating on you.

I wonder who is behind this post?

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OK maybe you're this totally cool dude but if you said that to me in a bar?
I'd send a couple of your fucking teeth flying. :~)
Yes I do. And I'm wondering if allowing her to get fucked by a nigger is going to hurt our relationship. :~)

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I had an ex tell me she had a nigger fetish and it pretty much ruined my self confidence and I had a lot of trouble seeing her the same way. I would call her things like "nigger lover" just to hurt her feelings, and every time we saw a black man I would tease her mercilessly, sometimes until she cried in public. I would have never even considered letting her cuck me.

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That's what I'm worried about? What if she starts hinting she wants me to suck nigger cock? How much is enough? Again, I have a career at stake here.

I doubt it's gonna spiral into that, most girls don't want to see that. Most girls wouldn't initiate this in the first place

OK there's no evidence of that. She said she was tired because of her job but she came straight home after sometimes 12 hour days. I can understand why she'd be tired. :~)

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yeah but like doesn't that eat away at your soul?

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I can't tell if she's just joking or if she's short of admitting she has been cucking me already, that's the problem.


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Just turn her out. Enter the pimp life and never look back. This way you’re getting paid and you can get new “gfs” and let them take bbc as long as they got your money.

But would you walk into a bar and start talking to strangers about how having a black dude fuck his gf would change his relationship? You're the one who'd get your teeth knocked out.

You might have a girlfriend, maybe even a wife, but the scenario you've presented isn't real. You post the same shit over and over schlomo and you think we don't know? You don't have this dilemma, she doesn't look like that, you're just poisoning the well because that's all you ever do. So you just keep on Mr. Bergstein (or is it Steinberg?), keep pushing, keep making sure all the ads have mixed-race couples, keep ramming it down our throats through your media-disguised propaganda machines. We've been on to you for some time now, we feign ignorance, we play along, but there will come a time for your reckoning, and you'll be exiled not just from a country but global society, you will be purged, there will be no fake holocaust, no reparations, no mercy. Your kind will be expunged so the planet can finally know peace for the first time in over 2000 years. The clock is ticking parasites, convert or die.

> choosing money over morals and self-respect

You're even worse than she is you fucking bitch

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ok that kind of meant shut up faggot


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Interracial is a soyboy thing, OP.

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ok shut up
you've obviously never been in anything resembling such a high stakes scenario. I stand to make a million in the next few years ok? You shut the fuck up nobody asked your fucking opinion.

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Why would your girlfriend want to ruin herself?

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Oi, that's pretty high quality bait you cunt

Shut up faggot

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no it's not fuck you faggot

That’s love bro and if she wants his kid and you to raise it with her that’s loves eternal glory and you’re a lucky guy . Top notch!

Gtfo homo

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It's not pasta, and it's also true. The smell of dicks on your breath.... you must be OP!

she's going to dump you for not being a man, I can guarantee it

Go fuck the nigger and make your wife watch

ok I'm sick of being called a faggot here and I would literally punch you irl

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Thanks broski, i'm not sure she'll have his kid though. That would be epic

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Do you have a pic of her holes ? Wanna imagine filling her cunt with my black bull

OP here. There's no way we're going to raise a niglet, ok? Why is everyone in this thread turning out to be a huge faggot?

Na you will be too busy raising your wifes son.

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You're the faggot and I'd beat your fucking ass and have intense sex after with the gf after that. :~)

Shit like this is why we call OP a faggot

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Well it’s how it starts. You let her duck another man, he is more dominant you’re the wuss. Next thing he’ll be with him. It’s biology really.

Enjoy your aids nigger lovin nigger lover

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Fuck her up her ass, beat her tits and make her cry. Then dump that slut.

Look, I'd still be in control. I'd be the one contacting the nigger, paying the nigger, etc,
she would only have contact once a week at most. I'm just trying to weigh the differences. I DO NOT WANT TO END UP SUCKING THE NIGGER'S COCK, OK?? That's what I'm trying to avoid.

There you go. I shouldn’t share this but need advice anyways. Enjoy

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That should be the least of your problems but if you don’t want that then don’t be present and have a camera in the room simple.

That and uncreative.
and saged.

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She actually wants me to watch her getting fucked by a nigger. Which makes no sense. We don't know any niggers, there's no way she would have gotten this kind of fantasy in her head. But in order to keep this position at her father's brokerage, I'm going to have to keep a low profile and keep up appearances as a couple even possibly headed for marriage.

So if you don’t let her fuck a nigger, with you in front, you lose your job ?

The absolute state of beta males these days

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Just stop OP

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Oh it makes sense. Shes been banging niggers a long time.

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Why would you have to pay a guy to fuck anyone? There is no benefit to have anyone fuck your girl unless you are a saddo who gets off on that kind of thing.

Simply she’s telling you she wants to be dominated because you don’t do that. You lack of that and do whatever she tells you to do and or lack of any kind of imitative. Take her to bed or better somewhere besides the bedroom and fuck her raw. Devour her and you’ll see how she’ll change. Right now you’re hanging by her balls. Polarity is reverses and you’re the man to make it right.

>She actually wants me to watch her getting fucked by a nigger.

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Then I'd suggest make the money and then leave her. But if you let her fuck other men, niggers or not, your relationship is over. From what you described, sounds like she's bored of you sexually, but doesn't want to loose the stability of being with you. If you let her fuck around, you'll take second fiddle to those other men. Probably the only sex you would get in that situation is pity sex, cause she may feel bad for cucking you. If it were not for the money you'd be getting from her father's business, I'd suggest leaving her now. Because she doesn't love you. She just likes the idea of being with you, and she likes the emotional stability she gets from you.
The problem is that she already wants to sleep around, so odds are your relationship is in jeopardy. If you want the money, stay with her, let her fuck other dudes, but remember she's not your girlfriend anymore. You're just her really close friend. And you should find someone else, because she's just going to be an emotional leach.

I'm convinced these threads are made by the same people who spam nigger/cuck/trap threads. OP, are you trying to see if your brainwashing is working?

it's going to be pasta now
cuz that shit high quality enough to repost

god damn dude
just fucking end it now and kill yourself
the only thing you're going to regret in 10 years when you finally work up the courage to do it is that you have 10 years of being a fucking worthless piece of shit to look back on before you pull the trigger.

these jew fucks get me every time with this shit

Why does everyone post bad fish drawings when people like OP trigger them?

OP your gf needs some of this Chad cock up her cute little tight pink bootyhole. Where you guys from? I would deadass pullup and dick her down good and right! After all it is a crime not being able to please your woman in bed. Clearly you couldn't do that, so let the man like me to give that Queen what she deserves. Totally serious btw, you're going to be a hopeless, and helpless cuck from now on if you accept this deal. Lol, as if you aren't already a soyboy with crippling issues, lacking confidence without any self esteem.

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Godspeed Chad.

Your ancestors died for this
Hey, but at least you don't speak German you faggot


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OP you going to let Chad please your lady? I mean hey better him than Big Man Tyrone. Amirite?

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fake and gay. go to bed, Sup Forums. sage and hidden.