Friday night cuck thread

Friday night cuck thread

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saintsfantu bull 22m , w8in for cucks

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just b/c shes getting blasted by a jiggaboo doesnt mean its cuck.
now please pay attention

yes it does

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defend your position or get lost

>yes it does
>interracial porn is hurtfull and betraying

you sound like a trumpcuck

the whole white race gets cucked when a black man fucks a white woman

no it does not. thats something a bigot would say tho

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She becomes a BBC slave forever and never wants white man seed. That's why white women fucking black men is always cuckolding.

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i see you have taken the blue pill like a true cuck

>hes posting in a cuckold coomer thread and he's going on about blue pill redpill paradigm
Why are you here??

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im on a mission from god

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Good girl!

imig dot es /c/mpjghdS

come heart sluts

Gf finally came around to the idea to let some stranger fuck her. She's been sending some pics and vids to guy's online but except for one she haven't really been interested. He really wanted to fuck her but he's married so he chickend out sadly. But we will keep on looking. Can't wait to see her cum hard on another guys dick

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whats she look like

true cuck porn

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damn great body

Very hot. More

Thanks, really want to see her get used hard and help out haha

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How fare are you willing to take your fantasy?

Wife sucking a friend

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What would you like to see?

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would love to fuck those tits

God damn, I’d love to be that stranger.

"your friend" is fat with a tiny cock.
sucks to be your wife

Love watching my wife sucking my friend's dick

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her sucking BBC!!!

Wife loves to hear what other guys would do to her. We’ve never stepped out of our relationship however.

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>my friend
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

pussy close up
getting fucked

got anymore user?

If we can find the right guy definitely all the way

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the degradation is the hottest thing ever. Are you new to these threads?

would love to fuck that pussy

Friday is our night nigger lovers!

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would you let her get knocked up?

My wife jerking me while sucking my friend

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Just got this from a cuck on kik. What do you bulls think?

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They are great to fuck
Don't have that.. yet

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I can set your girl as my wallpaper, wwyd, or trade OC
Kik: Hanstoned

Any feet?

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She's on the pill, I'd definitely let the guy cum in her tho. She loves creampies

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My wife at a different friend's house without me

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Where are you guys located?

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Northwest England

I’m interested in fucking her in front of you

saggy tits/gtfo

Where you at?

Wife i wanna see fucked

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Matching Bulls and Cucks!

Kik me @ Bullishcock

Have made 8 matches already! HMU and let me find the cuck/bull you’ve been looking for!!

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Id love to eat her cunt

can i watch too?

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Of a BBC to trib nudes so I can show her. Trying to convince her

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Who's this?

i need a 8 foot tall 87 pound Asian bull

Kik potatoislands

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Just wanna see em


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I'd see more, got kik?

It's very tasty

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Oooh me to, you have kik?


love getting tribs done of my ex

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are you in cali?


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>my ex
yup you are a cuck

you shared her with a bull yet? i'd love to play rough with her

Wrong continent sadly

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>with a bull
not so much, swinging and swapping


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show her spread

Make one? I'd love to talk more about meeting up if we're that close?

you down to watch another man dominate her?

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perfect pussy! more pussy and pussy close up pls

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if i can fuck you or your gilr while you are fucking her

Where you at?

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Win from kik

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