CNN sucks

CNN sucks

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>tfw my arms really are that skinny.
I agree though, cnn is ass. Really, most news channels are ass beyond their weather portions.

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Never forget that CNN is an antagonistic tabloid detrimental to the normal functioning of democracy be deliberately misleading and misinforming citizens for their own financial gain.

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i mean that's true of all cable news isn't it? all about driving up the value of their ad space to make more money, and you attract more eyeballs and make the ad space more valuable by saying or covering insanely biased shit.

I absolutely agree, the entire "industry" is not only parasitic but actively damaging, and has supplanted regular reporting of information for information's sake. Burn them all down.

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couldn't agree with you more, presenting entertainment as information is incredibly damaging.

i forget where i saw it but someone had the great line of "cable news did to our parents what they said video games would do to us" and that's always stuck with me. it looks like news so boomers apply no critical thought and think it's news.

>"cable news did to our parents what they said video games would do to us"
I've never heard that but it fits and I like it.
>it looks like news so boomers apply no critical thought and think it's news.
That's absolutely true, it's like they're never able to be keen on the trick and just give implicit trust because there's a man at a desk and there's graphics and cutaways to "experts". It imitates the thing they trusted and bypasses their skepticism.

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Based, CNN is absolutely fucking terrible and everyone who works there is scum

>implying Trumpanzees are muscular and in shape

But user they're the most trusted name in news, you know because they say so in their ads

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You're thinking of Fox.

All news that portray zog positively suck
fox sucks big time
Al Jazeera is bretty good

You have worms on your brains if you cannot fact check

>source is infowars
common dude

I'm thinking of the industry at large, and yes Fox are included in that. There's no teams when reporting as a whole has become clickbait garbage actively pushing discord. They all must go, no exceptions. Burn it all to the waterline.

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>Promoting sang nigger rag.

Fuck more goats Mohammed

>infowars is crazy!
yeah, keep thinking that when alex has been right multiple times

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what news sources do you like user

>source being right only multiple times
>implying infowars have EVEN been right at all at any time

If you are implying news media is thrash, you are correct. No one is denying that.

>media matters
My sides are in orbit

True, but dont tell me his website isn’t some trump propaganda webpage. Every story is designed to make you hate Democrat’s. Every single fucking one.

And worse, I’m finding my libertarian friends are now ill informed about anything critical of Trumpberg and have begun to support the government getting involved with tarrifs and ICE funding.


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>If you are implying news media is thrash, you are correct. No one is denying that.
I am, and good. Same with internet websites pretending to be news, like the blog you linked.

>Every story is designed to make you hate Democrat’s.
That's not a hard spin user, even berniebros are getting the message the SECOND time their candidate got screwed by the party. And in any case, have you ever heard Alex ranting about Trump? Listen to how apocalyptic he sounded after the Syria missile strikes, the guy isn't a Trump cocksucker, he WANTS some kind of doomsday fuckery in order to be able to rant about it. Love him or hate him that's Jones's shtick.

oy vey

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If you are looking for non-biased media check out

Fuck democrats and fuck republicans. Fuck your religion and fuck your gender.
Fuck all this bipartisan bullshit.

Its all corporations controlling the system and pulling strings, fucking us over.

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>my news isn't written by someone with an opinion.

Okay Sup Forums, program your best news lineup
For me, I'd have
>local news at 6pm
>followed by national news (straight read, no interpretation of story)
>followed by global news (same unbiased straight read)
>opinion shows at 10pm, featuring people bickering back and forth about what the various news stories mean and how they interpret them

I’ve heard that if you listen to him. But his website must be owned by someone else because it does suck trumps cock. 90% of all the stories are rageporn against liberals.

Trump’s connections to Epstein have never been mentioned, or his hiring of Acosta, or his push for the fed to print more money, or the debt he is putting us in.

Check out infowars right now, more biased then cnn.

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>Trump’s connections to Epstein have never been mentioned, or his hiring of Acosta, or his push for the fed to print more money, or the debt he is putting us in.
It's hard to tell these days what's a legitimate story and what's nonsensical propaganda and that's what I hate most, the inability to trust a story being reported by a news agency because you're aware of what agenda they promote, right/left whatever.
Who reports unbiased information without their own slant? It seems like no one, which makes trust hard. You never know if you're being bullshitted or not.

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Yes, its hard but you are smart user for even thinking about it from all angles.

The hard truth is that you have to think for yourself, and continue looking at the objective first-hand truth and then from both sides.

That's because there's nothing there. The Clinton's are the ones that have cray connections to Epstein. Trump only knew him in passing by comparison.

>The hard truth is that you have to think for yourself, and continue looking at the objective first-hand truth and then from both sides.
True, but difficult when all outlets attempt to feed you their own view.

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fuck Bernie voters

They're both cancer, but not as cancerous as your shill-ass post.

are you telling me that CNN created a pepe meme to push agenda, because that's pretty based, and I fucking hate the news

Nothing There? Infowars fan I see. Don’t get me wrong Clinton’s guilty too.

Anyways the below is old, it misses that they now have trump signed in for the Lolita express logs, and Barr’s connection to Epstein.

The part that upsets me is how ignorant Alex Jones fans are to the connections. That’s why I know he is a propaganda machine.

I've never seen a trump supporter that wasn't obese

>just CNN tho

how many have computers with a mic,,a camera,connected to the net,,,access to sosh platforms,,where the machine cost 50 to 80 bucks,,there are ccs of millions of these out there and everywhere,,CNN msnbc and the rest,have billion worth of studio lighting,dvrs walls of electronics of all sorts,, all getting progressively worthless,,,the monopoly they have in offices and airports,you can help end it by getting one of their own tools off amazon,universal shutoffs
ten bucks each,,,shuttem down,

*Than cnn

They wanted to link pepe with the KKK, and finding none they made their own so the story could go forward.

i only watch tucker carlson

Stfu libtard. Clinton flew on the lolita Express 80 times and most pedo shit is associated with the left.

You are too stupid for words.

>most pedo shit is associated with the left.

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Alex "Gay Frog Retard" Jones has never been right in his life.

Not him but I get the impression Epstein tried his usual shit with Trump, got told to fuck off (barred from hotel) and that was that.
That said, there's probably more than a few neocon GOP fucks involved and investigations into it should have fewer restrictions than the fucking McCarthy era over this monstrous shit.

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Nearly ALL pedo shit is associated with the RIGHT, actually.

Isn't the right more associated with shamefully closeted gays? Or is my cultural zeitgeist understanding getting out of date?

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Nope don't lie faggot. All the pedo and degenerate shit like transsexuals is lefty cancer. They're called pedocrats for a reason.

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>trump voters

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Kyle is decent. Learned about the seltzer sellout on JRE.

wrong and pic is fake

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Clinton and Biden are friends with like 40 each. Strange. Stop trying to to make pedocrat bullshit a right thing because it's not and you're wrong.

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Wouldn't nuanced discussion be nice for once?

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Yeah that's the impression I got. Trump doesn't play that shit, he doesn't have to, he fucks models.


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It does sorta seem like he's more into grabbing supermodels by the pussy than preteens by the pussy,

For every pic you find like that there's hundreds of pedocrats


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go look it up dipshit

Are you baby's first troll or just a fucking brainless imbecile?

>they're called pedocrats DERP DERP DERP
Literally no one calls them that.

>Degenerates like trannies
Kill yourself.

I feel like I've seen the same five or so spammed a million times.

Imagine being a libtard in 2020. Grow up. Why are you on Sup Forums if you're a soyboy?

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Chemtrails & Fluoride & Gay frogs & crisis actors, oh my!

Alex Jones has the IQ of a gnat and he's being properly raped for his despicable and unconcionable harassment of people whose children were murdered. FUCK him and I'd punch him full in the face if he came within 20 feet of me.

The Republican Party is being eradicated with extreme prejudice. Trump was your final retard hurrah and we are ENDING you outright for it.

Then fuck that Sup Forumstard

why not cuck?

I always get mixed up with subhumans like you think that forced as fuck memes are valid insults and arguments.

I bet you a thousand bucks he wins in November.

45 is the pizza president

I can't prove you're a cuck. You're at least a soyboy though. And a faggot. But that's implied.

user, his whole shtick is as follows:
>find fact not widely reported
>report exaggerated findings
>rant longer than necessary
>link to larger conspiracy if there's time to fill

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Could you assholes fuck off to your containment board please?

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Okay retard

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Okay. Know how escrow works? Darklocker works for me.


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>"inaugration of President Biden"

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His schtick is:

>Act like a full-scale retard on camera
>gullible braindead fuckwits watch him and believe him

Do you not even have a stack poorfag? lol


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If you want to break it down for 3rd graders yeah, that's a fine summation of what I just described.

15" dick and my dad works for nintendo

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>bet you $1000
>doesn’t have a $1000 to bet
that’s not how bets work kiddo

Can someone criticize an organization/person without it/them being compared to another shitty organization or person?

There's more than one user replying to your ridiculously-serious ass.

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>post contains no evidence

Hey post your tits

Economy is doing great but these broke ass trump rubes still living hand to mouth. lol

>Who reports unbiased information without their own slant?
all information is viewed through the perspective of the one that experienced it, and then again through the one that listened to that.
to paraphrase a well cited modern philosopher, "how can one accurately perceive the assumptions and prejudices that color their view of the world, when those perceptions themselves are invariably seen only through the lens of those very same assumptions and prejudices"
>how can mirrors be real when our eyes aren't real

CNN is corporate propaganda. You will never hear anything on these networks that disparages the interests of the wealthy.

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Based. Until the common people finally realize that it's us versus the 1% we're gonna be fucked either way.

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Name one major American news outlet that isn’t corporate propaganda. They don’t exist anymore because the FCC regulations were trashed and now you have media monopolies fucking shit up.