Sup Sup Forumstards

Sup Sup Forumstards.

My IQ is 196. For those of you unfamiliar with IQ, this means I have "genius-level" intelligence. Unlike most of the millenials, I'm a Republican and a proud Trump supporter.
I also have synaesthesia, and absolute pitch. Things as diverse as math, music, and art come naturally to me and I get straight A's without studying much at all. I also am able to understand music at a deeper level than most people.

While most people my age spend their free time listening to mainstream music, I spend my free time listening to works such as Jerry Garcia's Cats Under the Stars, Frank Turner's Sleep Is for the Week.

All this and I'm an 18 year old still in high school.

Ask me anything.

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do you think you're a genius?

ugh you tried this bit the other day, go home

This copypasta sucks worse than most.

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I have a PhD in Retardism.

synaesthesia is a disease. It means your brain is going to give. I am sorry.

pic related

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op enjoys sodomy

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Pic related : it’s OP

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This pasta is fairly recent and it's already stake AF

Not a question but you seem annoying af
Now I got 1 question
Do you deal with nihilism or existencialism?

Timestamp or gtfo

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Slash wrists and die. Slash wrists and die. Slash wrists and die. Shotgun to the gourd. Tylenol poisoning. Slam your car into a building.

Funny how high IQ people can't point to anything IRL that makes them smarter.

oh man, I went from boomer to doomer instead.

Wow! I wish I could be you!

if youre so smart, then whats 3+2? i asked my math teacher once in 11th grade, and she just looked at me confused, as if i had just loudly shat myself. of course i had (im extremely autistic and also have never had any semblance of control over my bowels), but thats neither here nor there. my point is that it is unsolvable by the even greatest minds on earth, possibly even more so than the riemann hypothesis. i know this for a fact, as i have an astounding iq of 53, and have been put in special classes for it throughout my life. my teachers always complimented me on how smart i am, and i have now risen to be an extremely successful businessman, making $7.25 an hour by burger king to break up hobo sex orgies that frequently take place behind one of their locations in ohio. of course, i always join in, even though im not supposed to be having unprotected hobo sex (i injected myself with aids blood on a $3 bet back in 2004). of course, all these achievements pale in comparison to my uncountable (3-4) sexual conquests, of which i have had many, my personal favorite being the nice lady who let me do whatever i want for the low low price of free.99. she had new abstract red tattoos, which i personally thought was in very good taste. anyway, i gotta go, if you need me, ill be repeatedly jacking off into the streets from my 3rd story studio apartment. ask any questions you like, it will take all of 30 seconds.

dafuq does high iq have to do with being smarter?

IQ is like RAM on a laptop. If you don't have enough, shit runs slow as fuck. If you have tons of it and don't use it you can't even tell.

Sup cock sucker. I am a Democrat with an IQ of 172, I think Trump is an asshole who should have stuck with shitting in a gold toilet rather than on the American flag.
unlike most GEN z I listen to Frank Sinatra. I am currently under consideration to be a youth representative for the government.
All this, and i am only 15 year old in high school.
I wont ask you anything because you probably are busy choking on Trumps Cum.

u gay lol

What the fuck are you doing on Sup Forums you tard?

You really nigged him up good, such flex... so powerful... uwu

OP can't compete with you user

thanks user, im going through a bit of a rough patch right now. i wasnt able to beat my street jacking record of 8 cums in 30 seconds, it took me 40 seconds for 5 cums. maybe i need to start a deload period again to let me balls recover, or maybe im getting too old and my dreams of being the street jacking world champion and going to the penis olympics are too ambitious and will never come to fruition. is=is. anyway, thanks user, that meant a lot right now.

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Children don't belong on Sup Forums. Don't you have some sort of vidya game that keeps you busy so your parents don't kill you because you're a teenager with a 172 IQ? I mean I'd have already smothered you if I were them.

hello eliza

yeah well mines 197 poopy head

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>196 iq
>Can't even into grammar

here ya go then

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Practice Kuji Kiri

Kuji Goshin Hou (14:22)