My dad just molested me

My dad just molested me.
I can't call the police because they might search the house and I am in possesion of some heroin. What do Sup Forums?

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Tits or gtfo

tits or gtfo

Lol don't do the crime if you can't do the time lol

OP is too stupid to hide a pack of heroin.

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Pls show Bob's and vegine . I pat my 12 fut panis inside an make u hoppy

Take all the herion for 2 reasons
1- your house won't have any
2- you will be put out of your misery

tits + timestamp or gtfo

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just find a good hiding spot for everything drug related. They wont search too far

Inject it into your dad
Then molest him.

Crow can't judge if it can't spell judgment

Hide heroin in a bag of weed, can't go wrong



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go in the yard or near some trees and throw the heroin as far as you can

then call the police

Plant heroin in dads room.

Also, they might confiscate but they normally wont arrest you when you call the cops. Just dont get biligerent

Do you know the rules. Tits or GTFO.

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this is copypasta you retards

Your dad is a nigger from africa, you got the drugs from him, and you live in london, right?

Just call the cops

Right. Who are you?

Molest your mom and cuck your dad. Assert Dominance.

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Based and redpilled.

Just because op is larping doesn't mean we can't too

How can you give such terrible advice twice in a row? The first one you lose your drugs and the last thing a heroin addict wants to lose is their dope. The 2nd thing is just plain untrue, idk what nice fucking cops they have in your bumblefuck nowhere suburb town. Never give advice on shit you know nothing about please.

This tbqhyfam, idk why the retard mass replied to people just having a little fun

Do all the drugs beforehand

Thats cool and all, but i dont remember asking. Tits or gtfo bitch

prove it, show molested vag

Yes, this.

I'm going to be real with you, If you actually got molested you should 100% call the police. But now know due to it just happening, I would wait a day or so when your father is not home.

Put the heroin in the woods in a hiding place. Then call the cops. Fkin idiot.

Get high nigga you dont wanna waste some good shit heroin. Then put a hidden camera!

Also bad advice, its better to call the cops right away after a rape so they can take you to the hospital and do a rape kit so you have hard evidence

itt: newfags learn a lesson

Destroy heroin, call cops, send that fucker to jail, get help, live life, profit

says the newfag not knowing we are replying for fun, shitposting in bait threads is primetime friday night entertainment you newfaggot

He wasn't molesting you. He was trying to find that H.

How did he molest you? Was it just touching? Or more? Forced you to do oral? Or full sexual act with penetration? If the last one, and he came (sperm) in you, you can go to the hospital and get a rape kit done to prove he put his penis in you. My dad raped me to and my sister talked me into this, and my father was arrested and went to prison. The police are on your side. You should trust them. Even if you do drugs. Drugs are not a big crime anymore. You father sticking his cock in your (daughter) pussy is a big time crime. It's is horrible and the police will take him away so he can't do it to you anymore.


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Dig a hole in a the flowerbed outside of your house, hide heroin in hole after putting it in a plastic bag, call police and recover it later

Plant the shit in his sock drawer and call the cops? Anyway tits or gtfo

Ha ha good one

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Again?!?! I mean, he just did this last night! ( If you are to be believed) You'd think a person in your position might try to distance yourself, rather than sitting here posting the EXACT same thing with the EXACT same picture 24 hours later... I'm thinking either you enjoy it or you are completely taking the piss. TLDR: Piss off tadger.