Liberals will defend this

Liberals will defend this.

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nothing to do with politics, its bad parenting

r/badparents ---> fuckboy

classic liberal!
great thread OP

>tfw your parent will never take you to a transexual striptease for your 10th birthday

>thank you for showing her that being a strong woman is ok
Yeah, nothing to do with the cancer that is liberalism

Why live bro

Doesn’t matter where you fall on the political spectrum. Basic developmental science and psychology screams this is just teaching young girls that objectifying your body for money is okay.

How did 12-year-ole Tammy get pregnant? It starts here.

If yall cant tell that is fake I feel truly bad for you

Bad parenting is encouraged by the left.

Yes its a photoshopped girl placing money in a photoshopped thing of a photoshopped tranny stripper

ngl im kinda low-key jealous desu

>>this is liberal degeneracy
>>conservacucks and republitards still overwhelmingly known as abusers and pedos

Your tears, mm they’re so fucking salty yes get those right on my tongue

Citation needed

local user confuses republicans and conservatives with liberals

And of course both sides are just as bad, but only one side preaches how they are men of Jesus and good Christians should vote for them.

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I wish that were in my city so my kids could go.

bad parenting how?

outlawing sex past age 14 is the cure to cancer

conservative christians who are against lying on a green card application to make pornography will defend this as """"art""" while equally condemning other artistic displays of nudity.

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Citation needed?

Evidently those people are not. Are you suggesting that some people are hypocrites? Who would have thought? But one side explicitedly promotes pedophilia.

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one side fights cancer you bio terrorist

...on what part? you don't trust that christian conservatives are against porn and illegal aliens? or that they shitpost about liberals being too sexual?

as for the green card thing, google melania trump Einstein visa and pick news source, but there are bigger questions abbout her ability to work on her torsist visa when she originally came here. she also used chain migration to bring her parents into the country.

So you're upset that she might have wrongfully obtained a visa... Yet its ok for the beaners to cross the border illegally? I don't get liberals. They have no self awareness

Both sides of you babbling retards are terrified of the big bad boogieman that is the opposing side. Just shut the fuck up. Life is pretty cool.

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No straw man here. Great argument. Your right, I’m now convinced all Democrats are raging pedophiles.

That’s why higher educated people vote left, and the wealthiest states are all democrat (or have oil).

It’s the pedophilia. You fucking pleb.

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you are the one with those issues user, I merely pointed out that the presidents wife did them too, and people have a blind spot for her because of her proximity to power.

I don't care about visa violations, and neither should you.

I rather take a "women being strong" over some faggot dressing up like a woman, expecting alk this shit to then go forth.

the Jews know little girls are the most valuable assets on the planet

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That’s my bet too. That the man was a conman that Israel got a hold of and turned into a Mossad honeypot blackmail machine.

What pisses me off though, is every Democrat I know thinks Clinton should be investigated. Every republican just buys the narrative and does not ask why Acosta or Barr got hired by Trumpberg.

Yang is right. We’re so busy fighting left/right we aren’t pursuing the things that both sides agree on and moving everyone forward.

>Yang is right
lol ok you lost me

who 's paying these faggots to post this shit?
please die.

That user posting about how degeneracy is being normalized is completely right

Wait... So how was pic related not pedophilia?

I'm not paid anything :)

Believe it or not, there are some people so poisoned by political cancer that they would push these narratives on their own free will. Depressing, isn't it?

>he does it for free!

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Why are you so OBSESSED?

Kinda sad, huh?

I actually ahd an interesting discussion with my collage professor who had a big problem with russain bots posting political memes. I had to try to explain that there is a whole subset of americans who not only recognize the low quiality shitty gropnik posts for what they are, and thye make their own memes and spread them farther then any KGB operation could believe. banning Russians from pretending to be Americans is one thing, but banning Americans for making memes all on there own is another.

My argument was surprisingly well received, but I had to reveal my power level in public to actually back up my claim. newfags and redditors really have no clue what its like to deal with political posts in Sup Forums. people do just sit around and post all day for free. no bots or millitary paychecks involved.

godspeed user, you are a first amendment case study in practice.

Pick a side you fucking fence sitter

How are you this gullible? Leftists don't support this. It's the totalitarian pedophiles who get of on child abuse, like Trump and the lot. Look at their sexual history - especially the thousands of alleged assaults and abuse cases - and tell me they don't pee honey when they see shit like this pushed while left is getting blamed by their own voters.

nobody cares what the third world has to say

Fucking boomer trash will never understand the internet. The so-called college educated are unironically the least skeptical people on the face of the earth.

nice bait faggot