Time to weed out the retards

Time to weed out the retards.

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either 1 or 9


two dollars and fifteen cents!


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Gotta tard out the weed otherwise it won’t be flushed in time for harvest.




1? It's so obvious

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Found the tard

God damn what a moron

Did people forget order of operations?
Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication/Division (left to right), Addition/Subtraction(left to right)

6 / 2 * 3
3 * 3

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multiplication and division are weighted equally so you resolve them left to right


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Try starting again, from grade 1.

Size of OP per pee

1. Parenthesis

?=1 final answer

everyone else is down syndrome

PEMDAS is an arbtiary convention, there's no true right answer

Well hell

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Are we just forgetting gemdas now? Jesus Christ

But multiplication goes before division

it aint you fucking faggot imbecile nigger


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That's not how that works you absolute retard.

You're reading this in English, we read from left to right thank you very much

its already solved you faggot, it =?

op is a faggot

Using the PEMDAS method, the answer is 1.

You are all so very, very retarded

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I'm a Tard

And you too

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They're actually part of the same step, and division does not commute unlike multiplication. Meaning 5 * 2 and 2 * 5 are the same, but 5 / 2 and 2 / 5 are not. Meaning if you fuck it up you'll get 1 and if you do it properly you'll get 9.

You didn't do PEMDAS left to right, not only do you not know math, you don't know words either, so way to fuck up on the two fundamental pillars of thought.

Nah the calculator is very very retarded

>It's the calculator that is mistaken

Can you even imagine being this stupid? What must it's life be like?

Yes, but using the ÷ sign to separate the 6 from the 2 automatically makes people assume that 2 is group with (1+2). This question is intentionally misleading. Had it been written with / rather ÷, you'd most likely get the 9 answer over the 1 answer.

I’m assuming 9 if the rule is strictly left to right. or it could be 1.

doesn’t the formula for solving it depend on whether you use BODMAS or PEDMAS?

>9 answer over the 1 answer
Given by people, that is.

Ok brainlet

Yeah but it still doesn’t rule out the fact that anyone with a basic understanding of math should be able to differentiate this

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You typed it in wrong dipshit, 6 goes on top of the fraction and 2(1+2) goes on the bottom.

It's seriously, and I'm being completely genuine here, only misleading if you don't have at least a 4th grade education in mathematics.

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It isn't explained very well in schools, but the MD and AS in PEMDAS are done at the same time. That is to say, reading from left to right, you would do division BEFORE multiplication, if division pops up first. This is the same with addition and subtraction. This is why the answer to the question is 9.

this also three fiddy

Well, that's awkward.

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÷ is not same thing as fraction a you absolute fucking pinecone

Yes, while that may be true, people aren't calculators and will make errors. I should point out that there's added difficulty because people see the parentheses and start there.

I've taken Calculus up to Calculus III years ago, and I got it wrong, so no, and if you want to talk about 4th grade education, I could rebut with your grammatical error in your post right here.

6÷2(2+1) is the same thing as (6/2)*(2+1)

Not 6/(2(2+1)), x÷y is (x/y) WITH the parentheses, you fucking morons

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It's 1

So what I'm reading is that you took calculus and still don't understand basic math. Why would you tell me that you're that retarded? I mean I could guess that you were from the visible autism in your posts but you shouldn't go around trying to use "look how stupid I am" as a case for being correct about something.

This bullshit again. Human math shorthand notation conflicting with computer processing order. Humans are taught parentheses first. As notation shorthand when a number is adjacent to a parenthesis it is read as there being a second parenthesis so 2(1+2) is interpreted as (2(1+2)) and the answer is 1. Humans have the ability to spot the parenthesis first and work out so this notation habit didn't cause a problem until computers that have to process right to left. Humans jump to parenthesis first, computer doesn't know parenthesis exists until it gets there. When thinking like a computer this function is incorrect because it is missing the multiplication function between the 2 and parenthesis. If you want a human to process this equation like a computer it has to be written 6 / 2 * (1+2) in which case literally everyone will give the answer 9. With this issue people are acting superior because they are "thinking" like a computer to process a formula a computer couldn't process because it is written in human math shorthand notation. A shorthand notation that has been in use for centuries. .

end this thread holy shit people, you are RETARDED

This is "I got it wrong so that means it's too hard to understand" the post.

You see that horizontal line in ÷? You see those two dots? Who do you think those represent?

It's called honesty and humility. You should try it some time. "Seriously", I encourage you to.

Honestly, you are a retarded person.

Retard spotted. There's only 1 answer and it's 9. Don't bullshit and give 2 answers. Do you mark 2 answers on a multiple choice test? What a fucking retard

>It's seriously

Nigga, you're retarded for arguing on Sup Forums.


stfu retard

You're retarded for criticising someone for arguing on Sup Forums

Your 12 aren't you? Go ahead. Make another thread where the formula is written as 6 / 2 * (1+2) =. Except for a few contrarian trolls everyone will say 9. I'm explaining why people will give different answers besides "hurr durr yer stupid". I'd also predict that the majority of people who say 1 are over 40 and the majority who say 9 are under 20 or in a teaching field that employs math. 20 through 40 are going to be more mixed depending on how current they are with math and education trends

Lol see now it's funny because along with not being able to solve a basic math problem I'm pretty sure you think you've found a grammatical error when you haven't.

Be honest, are you still in high school?

Pineapple on pizza is good

As one would expect. A person trained to think like a bot giving a bot answer.

Per current standards and definitions: 9.
Per legacy behaviours of the obelus operator: 1.

>Your 12

nice quads

The date of climate change Armageddon

Funny how someone who brags about "thinking" like a bot makes a big deal when the autocorrect pops to the wrong word from a typo and somehow sees this as an excuse to act superior. Let me correct myself. What are you 8?


The obelus operator (÷) used to have different behavior than the solidus operator (/).
÷ was used to typeset fractions in linear/movable type.
Current standards and definitions deprecate obelus, give it the same behavior as solidus, and do not evaluate grouping/whitespace.

Thus the (currently) correct answer is 9.
In the past, the correct answer was 1.

stfu retard

That's a cute thing to hide behind, but that's not an autocorrect error. Changing on to in is an autocorrect error. Using the the wrong your happens when you don't know or care which one is right, and whichever case it is, it shows that you're retarded which severely hampers any argument you're trying to make. Luckily for you, your (see that, it's not hard) argument is also retarded so it doesn't matter much.


Nice play on words but I don't think the AI overlords would get it.

Very true

I'm not going to address the PEMDAS/PEDMAS/BOMDAS/BODMAS/PEDMSA/PEMDSA/BODMSA/BOMDSA faggots who don't understand order-of-operations for same-priority operators.


no paki.
if it was written out better it would look like this


everything on the bottom is a unit

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Most retarted is man, who write in this way.

No in old word (which I use since it interprets crappy typing better) typing youre because you accidently skip the apostrophe gives you your. But you're too busy trying to use condensation in place of any ability to make an actual argument. I'm here because I'm bored waiting for a kid to get home, in a few minutes I'll be gone back to real life. I'll let you have the last word because you're so pathetic I bet this is all you got.

only correct answer here. it depends on whether you see it as (6/2)*(1+2) or 6/(2*(1+2))

I fucking hate math

Lol I don't have to take care of a kid so who really wins that one



Thank you, this whole thread is retarded