Alice is a chump

Alice is a chump

Talk to me

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no, fuck off

Why not?

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why? because fuck you, that's why.

>tfw no one will fuck me


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stop being ugly, problem solved.

That seems like a perfect solution, if you don't take into account the fact that ugly people get fucked regularly


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dead, apparently...

Indeed, god is dead

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you should join him.

bruh it's my birthday and all i did was get a fucking ice cream sandwich then play warframe for 12 hours, FUUUUUUCK

u gay?

Wow, that's harsh. Why do I deserve to die?

Happy birthday! How old are you?

I don't into Warframe but hopefully you had fun?

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>Wow, that's harsh. Why do I deserve to die?
why not, u going to die anyhow.

If you follow that line of logic, then everything that lives should just end their lives immediately because they're going to die anyhow

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23 now, one old ass neet. i'm chillin' though, hope you're having an alright day OP

yeah but some people should die sooner than others.

You're not an old ass neet until you become a wizard so hey, don't worry about it. I'm having a great day!

Oh? And what system do you use to quantify that?

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>Oh? And what system do you use to quantify that?
no system, pure instinct.

So you're making shit up based on your feelings

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yep :3

Well then count me in

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also, gtg, nice talking to you.

Have a nice night!

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Happy birthday user!

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