You know its not conservatives that support this bullshit. Liberals, explain yourselves

You know its not conservatives that support this bullshit. Liberals, explain yourselves.

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Say your hate speech out in public user, I dare you.

Shut up freak.

can't believe they let a white girl on the team tbh


lol, what? Is that a threat or something?

>it takes a 6'6" white dude to make it on the black girls team

Hahahaha how many times have you dyed your hair in the past year?

the left perfected bullying people into agreeing with them many years ago

Do it faggot. Fuckin do it. You won't. Because you know you're impotent and have to hide your opinions on a Chinese basket weaving forum.
>Oh boy you called me a faggot that's not very liberal of you
Yeah because you're a faggot and you're also so retarded I know exactly what you were going to say next because conservatives have thoughts that are so simple and predictable they may as well write them in crayon.

The larp is strong with this one.

Jesus loves you user, but if you don't give up your life of sin you will still go to hell

You're afraid to go outside.

More people believe in Allah so statistically that one is more right, doesn't matter that you were born in Kentucky and your Mother/Aunt force fed you the wrong one

people consensually playing basketball together is "less than ideal"? You make it sound like they were forced against their will. Were they? Or are you just being upset for them?

You're afraid to talk that good shit to anyone in person. Take that dumbass advice you gave that other person and go get fucked lol

That's a good strawman you've built there.

Tranny freaks go in the gas chamber with the the other assorted fags

What's it like being close to 40 and not owning your own house?

user, the estrogen got you in another mood swing? Lol

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How many houses should I own? Or would you prefer to name a dollar amount?

What's the straw man? Did you just get into atheism? Hows it going for you?


How's their record this season tho?

No, Christianity is far larger than Islam you dumb faggot

Why are you so angry user? Did you forget to dilate?

Nothing like taking a random picture and creating a false narrative from it. Show me the news article that shows said trans forced the team to let him play on it against their will in a competitive manner because the only thing I can confirm from this picture is that they are standing for the pledge of allegiance while some people in the back are oddly holding hands. It's like there isn't even a game going on.

That is just the Arabic word for god
>your Mother/Aunt force fed you the wrong one
According to the Quran, you are wrong, and Christians will be accepted by Allah.

You on the other hand will not fare so well.

who doesn't love some good bait

I honestly did not know that but it makes me kind of angry, you whiny Christ cucks are always bitching like you're a minority, man you people should go slob your priest's knob and shut up about Muslims than shouldn't ya?

Do the Arabic people believe in Jesus you absolute retard?

I heard the WNBA is guaranteeing $100,000 plus salaries for the players in the near future.

There are probably enough men that would humiliate themselves/family to get a six figure job that the average boys junior varsity basketball player would have the skills to do. Once some dude tries it then the floodgates will open and the WNBA would end up 99% men.

Isn't it time to dilate, user? I'm not sorry you are not man or woman enough to take your own life. But when you do think of the time you trolled on Sup Forums. I'm sure your life amounted to something with whatever it means to you.

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$10 im gonna look this up and there is going to be an easy explanation that OP just "forgot" to mention.

>Says the guy also here posting memes on Friday night
Oh wow you got me good huh

That estrogen isn't going to make you a real woman, user. :)
I'm sorry you can't have kids.

>arabic people
Yes, there are numerous groups of Arabic Christians in fact, they too refer to God as Allah.

If you mean Muslims, you racist sack of bigoted shit, that would also be a big yes. Jesus is literally one of the most important figures in Islam, is confirmed to have been born by virgin birth free of sin, performed miracles during his life and is also the prophesied Messiah. Muslims do in fact hold all the core tenants of Christian belief. Much like in Christianity he also is expected to return in the Second Coming

They do not accept the divinity of Christ-interestingly not all Christian groups do either, however most mainstream branches for the last 1700 years or so do.

Please read the scriptures and understand the core tenants of the beliefs you wish to challenge others with, or you'll look like a fool.

No. Trannies are a disease (literally), and they should be cleansed once and for all.


>Oh Noes! I found an out-of-context photo on the interwebz with a retard commenting about Hitler! This is the end of our civilization!

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>that one is more right
Excusing your poor wording, just remember that a lot of people think the Earth is flat and gender is a social construct. Doesn't mean they're right

>muh raycusss
Go back to fucking reddit holy shit what the fuck happened to this board

8/8 TLDR

All organized religion is for fags. If you can't create a personal relationship with your creator without being hand held for every little detail, you are a mindless inferior sheep who should be destroyed. All Jews, Christians, and Muslims (and any other abrahamic smoothbrain) should be nuked and, and thier glowing corpses launched into the sun.

>out of context
Are you sure you know what that phrase means?

>end of our civilization
No, it is the birthing pains of the fourth Reich, and it is beautiful.

Trans rights and Human rights.

It's ok tranny sack of shit, the one good thing about liberals importing muslims en masse is they will solve you and your Jewish masters.

Can you imagine having this much knowledge of camel farmer's fan fiction?
Like seriously, can you imagine devoting that much of your very limited life and free time to studying something so farcical that doesn't do anything for you but make you feel better until the dark day you examine it with even a little bit of critical thought?

H.S Lebron could 1vs3 any of those "pro" dykes and blow them out. Where are the WNBA exhibition games? I guess they don't wanna be embarrassed by an 8th grader

>If you mean Muslims, you racist sack of bigoted shit

highschool cringe

The number of people that believe the Earth is flat is statistical insignificant and conversely so many people believe that gender is a construct that it is actually debatable within our society so I guess way to prove my point congratulations you're stupid?

>this person doesn't understand the underlying philosophy guiding the worldview of 54% of earth's population
It's odd how liberals love to pretend to be educated, but despise knowledge at the same time.

My favorite man pretending to a woman athlete is that dude who plays rugby. The photos are lolzy as shit

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So you not only can get paid decently for zero skill/effort, you get to grope actual women for a living, and shower naked with them daily. Hmm, call me a dick chopper.

Any starter on a good high school boy's team would blow a D1 woman baller out of the water, no matter what race. The best HS boys players are better than WNBA players.

>so many people

what? that fad (yes fad) is dead already dude

Yeah, when they elected a sociopatic idiot that pushed all the nations resources in the military and ended up losing the war with his nation in ruins and the world with millions upon millions of deaths?
Worked like a charm uh?

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human rights are a social construct

I remember a few years ago when Britney Griner said she could start on any team in the NBA and that she would have posted up Charles Barkley in the paint when he was in his prime. Female athletes are delusional. They're getting a dose of reality now though, competing with these mentally ill dudes pretending to be chicks.

I mean, if your goal was to kill millions of undesirable people then I'd say it worked great. Just imagine how much better it would have worked if they hadn't gotten dogpiled.

You're not going to heaven or getting your virgins man, I'm sorry.

Shit, i remember random ass 8th graders that could dunk. Varsity team was pretty good and the starters would probably fair well against a wnba team. Even still only one player made it to division 1 college basketball. That guy would be the best wnba player of all time based on the womens basketball ive seen (olympics and college champ game).

No fucking way. This is awesome. I have been waiting for The All Drug Olympics since I saw that on SNL in 1988. This is the path to that and I totally support it. I hope this dude wrecks it on the court. I hope they give him adderall before every game. Bring this.

Of course not, I'm not a Muslim. If you'd lay off the hormones and antidepressants you might be able to remember five minutes ago what we were talking about.

Lol remember you said that when the next pride march happens in your city or conversely when they put in a gender neutral bathroom at your tractor supply store.

>Lol remember you said that when the next pride march happens in your city
Never been one
>or conversely when they put in a gender neutral bathroom at your tractor supply store.
One store did that, they changed it back less than a week later.

I said Heaven too, that's not just a Muslim concept, it's like you didn't even read that paragraph of autism you shat out up there. Also absolutely no one cares about religion. You'll learn that you get out of college.

Can you imagine using a different narrative device than "can you imagine" as a way to make a counterargument? I mean can you even imagine being able to frame your arguments in a concise way that doesn't involve some kind of inherent childish sarcasm? Can. You. Even.

So if it was a gender neutral bathroom, what did they change it to, male or female and why?

didn't answer my question, sperg. Arr the other girls on the team protesting? that matters, whether you like it or not.

only the fringe supports it. just like how the christian evangelicals hijack the conservative narrative, SJW nonsense is disproportionately represented.

The Strand bookstore in NYC has signs on the bathrooms that say “Stalls” and “Stalls and Urinals”

>or getting your virgins man
nice try, your implication was clear.

Also I wouldn't start arguing about Jannah, you don't know enough about Islamic belief to even get started on it.
>Also absolutely no one cares about religion.
Very incorrect, you'll learn that when you get a job somewhere other than Starbucks. So realistically, never.
>You'll learn that you get out of college.
I think you a word. I graduated, and got a job with my degree; I wish you the best with getting your liberal arts degree.

Shit doesn't happen, so go dilate you stupid faggit.

Can you imagine thinking an ad hom was a valid way to make a point?

I don't live in oregon so that's not likely to happen, and only retarded hipster stores do stupid shit like that. Plus, you and I both know they're only doing it to make money off of you impressionable faggots anyway.

What you call "gender neutral bathroom" is what we used to call back home a "bathroom". Then again I'm from a very rural area so businesses tended to have only one bathroom...

Back to male and female.
Immediate severe loss of revenue. It turns out people don't actually care about appeasing trannies with gender neutral bathrooms once it's put into practice.

Can you imagine doing something and then criticizing someone else for doing it?

>Also I wouldn't start arguing about Jannah, you don't know enough about Islamic belief to even get started on it.
I know a shitload about Warhammer 40K, which is effectively the same thing, so can I join in?

Sure, what's your favorite chapter?

What are you even going on about, I didn't know or care what religion you foolishly ascribe and tithe to, so I included both. I don't care that you're not a Muslim. No one cares. No one cares about how much you know about religion except for the TAs you most likely try to grossly seduce (hit close to home on that one didn't I).
>Hurr hurr liberal arts Starbucks
Wow any semblance you had of looking intelligent just went out the door.
And nice try, I work in the medical field and I make more money than you. Once again, when you have a real job, no one cares about religion. At all. Least of all Islam in any first world country.

>Sure, what's your favorite chapter?
Emperor’s Children. I am a full blown retard.

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This is what it looks like when you have no sense of irony.

I watched a youtube audiobook of the silmarillion a while ago. Many people don't know this but your religion is derivative of mine.

Are death guard good? I just built my first models and they're death guard plague Marines

I think you're right. I remember reading that elite 14 year old boy athletes are generally on par with elite women athletes. The US women's soccer team once scrimmaged against a 15 year old boy's team and lost.

>the silmarillion
Welcome, Eldar.

> No one cares about how much you know about religion except for the TAs you most likely try to grossly seduce
Lol, I haven't been in school for a decade.
>And nice try, I work in the medical field
Working on your CNA then? Sweet, try not to join the 41% before you get your cert.
>Once again, when you have a real job, no one cares about religion. At all. Least of all Islam in any first world country.
>I make more money than you
post paystub with timestamp
>I am a full blown retard.
Well, at least I don't have to be the one to tell you.

>Are death guard good?
Christ, man, I don’t play. You ever been to a WH40K tournament? Smells almost, but not quite as bad as an M:tG tourney. And people have the audacity to complain about the stink at Comic-Con.

Identity politics are cancer.

Be a fucking person and think. Don't be your phone.

If you can't think for yourself you're an Add.

>except for the TAs
It’s spelled TAU, you noob.

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>If you can't think for yourself you're an Add.
What’s this mean?

Yeah go ahead and ruin your career by complaining about getting a tranny on your team.

>not being in a position to just ensure trannies never get hired in the first place

fucking loser cunt.

That fucking rulebook reminds me of Jump shoot jump bullshit.