What’s your opinion of Redheads Sup Forums ?

What’s your opinion of Redheads Sup Forums ?

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They are aither 9-10 or 1-4 they have no middle looking people for some reason

da redder da bedder

they're people, with red hair.

my second favorite "type" of girls.

I don’t know if it’s pheromones or what, but gingers love me. That said I’m fucking done with them forever. It’s never not a shitshow crazy bullshit nightmare. Only dating human women from now on.

Most of the gals I’ve liked have been redheads, so far at least, but there are some people with red hair who repulse me.
Same with the guys too, some look fine and some look like losers.

I'm good with 'em as long as they're not freckled all over their body

Fair enough, freckles are the one thing wrong with them tbh, that and they always seem to have weird eyes.

I haven't met any that weren't in therapy or just treated me like their target for abuse.

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I have to hand it to them. Unlike most "blonds," ginger women don't have fake hair, but it is natural coloring for them. I like sometimes ginger hair, but I am not always attracted to it for everyone. Some women do look gorgeous with red/orange/strawberry blond hair. I like those colors in many cases more than boring very light bleach blond. Personally, I usually prefer brown hair, black hair, or darker blond colors, but brownish-ginger or blondish-ginger are great.

I’d plaster her with more paint


Strawberry Blondes! Yummy

Hot... as in "The deepest spot in the bowels of hell" hot. Most of ginger females are unbelievable attractive. This beauty is tarnished by them being batshit insane.

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Crazy but hot.

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My ex-wife was redhead. Three months after we bought a house and moved in together she told me things werent working out and she wanted a divorce. The next spring after everything was finalized and we had been apart for months she started stalking me on social media and then one day filed a police report saying that I had broken into her apartment and raped her. Of course it was a lie, and the police confirmed that she had made up the story...but nothing came of it and she never had to answer for getting me fired from my job. She also somehow got herself signed off the loan for the house without speaking to my lawyer or bank. Every few months she will get a new phone number and leave me voicemails about how she "made mistakes" and wants to "try again"...

The pussy was almost good enough to give it a shot, and THAT is the scariest part...

Not into them. I have red hair and male gingers and female gingers are like oil and water. When we see each other at a bar or something it's just like "nah". I swear there's almost an animosity there sometimes.

Sexy, crazy, most dangerous women that walk the earth.

That’s the trade off my guy. Sex is insane, but so are they

>The pussy was almost good enough to give it a shot, and THAT is the scariest part...
This fuckin guy knows.

My moms redhead so i hate them
I did almost lost my virginity to a sexy redhead when i was 19 tho

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Not sure if it's her but she reminds me of Miss Deadly Red

Even the males are sexy bitches

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Forgot photo of Miss Deadly Red

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Yeah it’s her without makeup.
She’s hot, kinda reminds me of a girl I once knewz

sauce, this is hot af :Q_

Yeah, gingers are fucking psychotic.

they are the superior race.


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y-yeah... A little bit.

Being a lanky-ass ginger boy got me singled out in school by assholes. Not bullies per say, but when an idiot decides "Ima fuck with someone today", you stand out by appearance. Long story short that's probably why I'm a bit nuts.

There's some truth to the neurotic stereotype, I certainly am. Most of it's probably confirmation bias tho.

red hair + green eyes = master race

I like the idea of a ginger. Never been with one. When i was younger, first girlfriend actually, she had platinum blonde and I couldn't get enough. I will say brown haired seem to be more stable.

I just hung out with the black kids lol.. shit was fuckin' lit... boxing helped later, and the growth spurt... I probably contracted black and in turn gained height

good looks, bad personality. and you think bottle blonds are bad, fake redheads are a disaster.

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Explain to me bad personality. I rarely bumped into a rh.

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Might some broken english stupid fucker. He might be refering to their batshit gasoline huffing crazy personality.

There is a reason why irish people are considered the most fucking worse ragers to ever exist.

No one cares about your nigger faggot cuck fantasies

Matt Damon?

It's a fetish.
This is strangely true. There seems to be a starker chasm in the scale for redheads than for blondes, brunettes, and black-haired girls.

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Fuck you

That's because intersting hair on a relatively good looking person just adds to the looks while intersting hair on a relatively bad looking person is anohter way of saying bad hair.


i married one

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More please!

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lets see more of her

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love em

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More of this.

bluetiernan on instagram

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Kinda cute, convinced recently GF to dye red, waiting for hairdresser

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Is it me or do alot of gingers have a naturally curvy body?

Same girl, but she darkened her hair.

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I love redhead

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All of them are 10/10's if they have freckles and pink nipples
All of them.

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Not nearly enough nude redheads.

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Kinda hot, but kinda gay at the same time bro

Redheads are the best, hands down

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Usually have a complex about their hair color. Good fun though.

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pissed off all the fucking time

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Im more a yellow person

There's an incredibly gorgeous super white redhead at my gym. I wish I could fuck this girl. Pray for me Sup Forumsros!

Just be a man and ask if she wants to hang out and don't be weird about it. Fuck are you waiting for?

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I remember a few months ago someone here said she sold nudes if you DM'd her. The next day her story was literally "OMG I don't sell my nudes, where are you all getting this info?"

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yeah thats the 1-4 type, not the 9-10 type

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Every ginger is a dream and every freckle is a blessing.

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Overrated. Freckles are gross

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They're a circumstantial plus 2 attractive. 4 if public hair is included.

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so how do you know mallory

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