How is this not child abuse, liberals? How?

How is this not child abuse, liberals? How?

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If having your children attend an event where adults behave like shitass dicks in public is child abuse, then it's time to get a sitter for your next Trump rally.

>but but but what about trump?
Sure, I'll bite. What's the moral equivalency? Is pic related moral or immoral? What political affiliation are the parents more apt to identify with?

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>Sure, I'll bite.

No, Trump likes his balls licked.

Typical. Embarassed to empirically criticize your own backwards philosophy.

Aphorisms suit your mental level libtardo cuckardo

If you think it is, press charges. Id follow that court case. Proof of harm is your hurdle. I would never let a child suffer, but I can't decide for everyone what is and isn't suffering. The kids can come forward with their claims. The parents can come forward with their claims. In the absence of either there is no abuse to consider. You don't get to decide that they are victims of something they do not fee victimized by.

Friendly fire?

I dunno, I don't think I'd want my kid at either thb.


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Is pic related legal?
>because penis
Why is penis illegal?
>because it's unwarranted. The observer did not consent to their exposure
So can children consent legally?
>So is OP child abuse?

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That's fine. Entirely besides the point however

by being there they consented. The event was not misrepresented. the parents and the kids are permitted to define their own boundaries without your intervention.

Not really.
If you're going to criticize one side you have to consider your own side as well.
As soon as everyone stops being so obsessed with their favorite color of politician we can start working towards a future that benefits us all.

No I don't mean socialism.

Furthermore, the situation you proposed is that despite the perpetrator and hypothetical victims of your hypothetical crime making no claim that a crime has indeed occurred, you as an retroactive observer who was not present can insist that there was a crime
committed. What grounds do you have to make that determination for them without their consent? Who the fuck are you? are you law enforcement? are you a lawyer? What are your credentials?

And how does this logic work if its a old straight fat guy flashing his cock to everyone he sees. Defining his own boundaries yes?

if it was not consensual and the victim sings ofd on charges its fair game. thats the victims choice, not yours. If you get flashed and you file charges you get your day in court.

>defending child abuse/borderline molestation

>because it's unwarranted. The observer did not consent to their exposure
So are you saying it's illegal to put anything in my field of view that I don't want to see? Like, having Thomas Kincaid prints in my vicinity is a crime? Or is there something special about bulges in fitted underwear that you aren't telling us about?

of child abuse has occurred the victims may come forward without fear of reprisal. You do not have the right to unilaterally decide what is abuse. you are entitled to your opinion and entitled to press charges against anybody you feel has harmed you.

This has to bait I’m leaving this thread

outlawing sex past age 14 is the cure to cancer
this is the way of the future.


Children cannot legally consent. Period. And their parents dragged them there. Is it ok because its there parents? Is the rape of a child by their parent ok because its their parent? No.

What is the moral equivalent in a trump rally that is just as immoral to exposing children to an old pedophile's cock?

You're beyond retarded if you don't believe that serial flashing is a thing. Extreme mental gymnastics

Is serial flashing considered a crime?

Furthermore you're a faggot. The end.

Liberals will defend anything involving minors and sexual conduct

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