Let me get this straight

Let me get this straight.
>Atheists believe that there is no God.
>So atheists must believe that something came from nothing because nothing caused that nothing to become not just something but everything
And you call theists the crazy ones who'll believe in anything

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He's not wrong you know

I Dont Believe In God I Believe In Satan Haha Fuck God Haha

atheists believe that humans don't need god even though there has never existed any group of people, anywhere in the world, any time in history that did not believe in something.

you put people on an island in the middle of nowhere and they build fifty foot statues.

No I stand firm that hes wrong.... literally on both sides of the argument. There is no one this fucking retarded so it has to be gr8 b8

How is OP retarded?

Which just shows that people tend to be religious. Doesn't show that any of these religions are true.

Id rather say "i dont know" than "god made himself so he could.sacrifice himself to himself to save us from himself."

Atheism isnt a belief system. Its a lack of belief in a god.
And on that note, head on down the science rabbit hole far enough on what we know and youll learn the universe is much much stranger than human perception can see at surface.
Look at something like double slit experiment will blow your goddamn mind. And as soon as you understand how far we had to work with free minds to even get there, youll understand throwing up our hands and saying "welp god did it" is foolish and leads to no more discovery.

If god did it, well find it. Empirically. If he didnt, yielding to it will lead to no more mind blowing discovery and knowledge.

the double slit experiment isn't mind blowing at all you fucking nigger. youtube.com/watch?v=WIyTZDHuarQ

It takes some kind of cynical dick fuck to look at non conscious matter behaving differently based on whether or not there is conscious observation to say "pfft. Thats not cool".

Who hurt you?

But wouldn't that still be a belief system. I mean its fine and all that you dont believe I guess, but you can't say that atheism isn't a belief system in itself

well religion isn't something that can be true or false in the first place

you're confusing "conscious observation" and "measurement."

I suppose nothing is something.
Just saying when christians talk about atheists they like to blanket them as one.
I love science n shit.

There are atheists who dont give a fuck about science or education kr anything. They just also dont give a fuck about religion.

We arent a hive mind. All we have in common is we dont believe in God. From there we run the gamut in IQ, education, interests, philosophies etc.
Literally all it means is doesnt believe in God.

How about something coming from something that doesn't happen to be a god? Would that work?

Youre confusing "amazing" with "still amazing"

how the fuck is that amazing?

that's infinitely less impressive than


learn you difference, you absolute fucking nigger.

Physical particles.. behaving like waves... then measure them.. and they behave like particles.
Troll or retard? You pick.

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you may be legally retarded

Even if a person believes an all-powerful, conscious being created the universe, it sure wasn't your "God". You know, the same "God" who speaks to people through pedophiles and tax-evading churches.

Nordic gods, Greek gods, roman gods, Egyptian gods, etc. No. They're all right.

you're right. you must be retarded.

or, i guess you did watch the veritasium video i posted and are trolling me.

smh my head

Satan was the good guy.

who fucking cares. god or no god YOU are the one who should make meaning in your own life. otherwise you are a SHEEPISH LEECH. this goes to down syndrome fedora tipping atheists as well as barbarian theists alike