Friday Night Doll Thread!?

Friday Night Doll Thread!?

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i'm a little ashamed to admit but after losing my virginity to a big girl a couple years ago i've had a fetish for it
does anyone know of any decent bbw dolls?

No, but start lifting weights and bulk the fuck up. You are gonna need it to move a bbw doll around

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they are pretty damn heavy, but they do exist. check out thesilverdoll, reallovesexdolls and i think dollter for ones that might have them.

doll mfgs
good mid teir dolls, priced 1-3k or so
TPE: (1-3k)
dh168 (1-2k) (also sells other mfg including catdoll, piperdoll, d4e, ect, approved vendor 1-2k and often cheaper due

to deals) (800-1.5k) (1-2k)
d4e (1.5-2.5k)
jydoll (can be seen on hgdoll 1-2k) (500-2k, reseller for silicone at markup)
axb (500-1.5k) (clones, 1-2k) (lot of sub 1k, not sure on quality) (500-2k) (alloy skelly, 1-2k, details somewhat unknown)

dsdoll or (sister sites, all models available from both, also (2-4.5k) (2-4.5k)
gynoid (4-6k)(recent material and construction issues, order with care)
aikodoll(US based, 60/80cm) (500-800) (2-2.5k) XYColo advanced skelly(~$4k)

3rd parties(can be cheaper or more expensive, check with the mfg site) DS distributor) eh (good as an infodump, not great as a seller, does have some uncommon stuff) (some are slightly higher than oem, but lots of options in one spot)
sexye aliexpress store (moderate quality knockoffs of stuff like DSdolls but in TPE)

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tfw no doll rental service, i'd like a try it before you buy it

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Slovenia just opened one. It's weird tho cause the dolls talk back

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Oh shit, someone save it from page 10. I had given up.

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Just fuck more fat chicks. It's not difficult to find them.

Gonna need more of her

Looks like that head pat really excited her.

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She knows where it leads.

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Hot af.

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Just finished setting up my lighting rig. My pictures will never be this good, but hopefully they improve.

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Never say never.

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it took me a long time to get there and most of my pics don't turn out so good. just practice a lot and you can do it

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Well I'm not going to be buying a better camera so right there is a major limitation.

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I take all my pictures with my phone.

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a good camera is a part of it, but you can still do a lot even if your camera isn't that great

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she's gonna get in so much trouble for those shoes

That's what I'm using. I'm going to go play around, probably won't be back in here tonight.

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Already did that tonight.
see you next time

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that looks like a well used pussy

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Anybody in canada order a loli doll? Any issues/calls? I saw another user talking about how he couldn't get one

loli dolls are banned in Canada

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After two years of use, yeah. Still good though.

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Time to rape

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Brighter but not necessarily clearer.

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looks good. i like her dress

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god could you imagine if you accudentally shot yourself setting up for a picture like this
"man found dead in his home shot by his sex doll"

Would make for a funny way to suicide.

LOL well i don't keep them loaded, I'm very careful about that

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i love her nails

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eyes are wild!

i know her

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drop those shorts?

i didn't in that set

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dear god thats amazing

I want to see you guys pounding them wtf


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Hey user. Glad to see new pictures of your girl. She's so adorable

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does mouth open?

it's a hole

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put dick in it.

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I don't want poses wtf there is a severe lack of vagina

Thank you.

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And that's as far as I made it.

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this thread is reminding me i really need to go clothes shopping
i've had my girl for a week and a half now and she only has the knickers she came with
she's just been wearing my old shirts

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kind of hot in it own way

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Jesus. Her pussy always looks so inviting through the panties.

How's the sex user?

you just want rest your head there don't you?

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Going to need more pictures of her.

It definitely is.

That's why the pictures end there.

good but exhausting, she weighs a ton so if i want to move her around and change positions it feels like a workout
its taken a bit of getting used to but it's the best thing that's ever happened to me i feel
plus it's motivation to start working out to get stronger to better handle her

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Doll model? She is sexy.

Very nice. what doll is that?

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>it's the best thing that's ever happened to me i feel

That's why I'm getting one as soon as financially possible. Honestly wish I had saved some of my money but I only just realized this like a week ago. I just have this overwhelming sense that it's something that will make me happy.

Oh boy she is gonna be smoking once you find her some new clothes to wear

doll house 168 2019 evo 145 cm with honoka head

i want to get a hatsune miku cosplay set for her to match my collection lmao

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She's a real hottie

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just getting a long blue wig will go a long way to making her look like Miku

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some of the miku cosplay wigs are pretty decent

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