Mati is 18 now bros

Mati is 18 now bros.

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what to you call a baby with no arms or legs left on your door step?




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Anyone got this?

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I hate when chicks walk or stand like a newborn goat..

Athletic girls are sexy af because they are physically self-aware

Man... gotta love them tits. The fuck is up though with those turned inward knock knees. Hate that shit. It tells me she's gonna blimp up like so many

Good for her, OP.


Hell even some athletic ones have this crap. Those that do however are prone for a good ACL tear

Upsetting posture to say the least

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yall retarded as her lmao she poses like that to look less like a fridge and get a tight gap

She looks awkward as fuck. Those feet shouldn't be that big.

Nope. Note the straight ahead feet despite inward turning knees. Don't get me wrong she's still fucking hot af. I just hate that stance on women that's all

any pornstars with similar bodies?

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Past her 20's she will use those big saggy sand bags as knee pads but for the time being we got to enjoy them

google "tight gap pose" and see it for yourselft


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Falling off a cliff... Arron

good stuff

how old was she at her first tittyfuck?


I want to smell her used bra

Did I say it wasn't intentional?

I know you're probably underage in the way you leapt with vindication.. please demonstrate this ethic physically via a high bridge or cliff

While we're on the subject though, she probably also walks like a retarded duck sticking her ass out while she walks.. jesus I hate superficial ppl

Does she ever actually show them exposed?

Her shit is all over pornhub btw


Link it

Yeah, I'm talking about the good athletes though, for the most part anyways.. it's just muscle tbh.. lazy bitches always move like their tendons are carrying them, and the bitches who do it purposefully to stick their ass out or thigh gap for pics... like butch, I'm not as dumb as you; that ass is clearly 80% back

literally just search for it, lol


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Anyone got actual nudes

Bless you kind sir


Nothing new there....


shes not 18 she just claims shes younger to get more followers, her nudes have been out forever

Where they at doe

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She's not even hot and will most likely be hideous in 2 or 3 years.

clutch dropbox

It’s trash, there’s better ones

do provide.

No u

ITT user is to afraid to dl the dropbox

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what kind of argument is this?
>no thanks man, the girl who owns the tits youre jerking off to is gonna be ugly when shes not hot anymore
live in the moment you faggets


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who has the skype video?

She's not even hot she's just got big titties. That body is your average chola fridge body

What is a Mati?

I cant wait to see all her porn and never spend a dollar on her

I would step over my own mother to suck on those fat wobbly tits.

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non of the posted nudes are hers so don't y'all get excited.

Her face always reminded me of Tekashi69

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probs cause they're beaners

and still repulsing as fuck...

coincidentally 18 is also the number of different african penises she's had in her orifices over the last year alone.

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There is a dropbox somewhere just google it

Autumn Falls looks somewhat alike

And that would stop me, why again?

there was a fat hispanic chick with a mediocre face and huge fat tits that I can't remember the name of. she does some "fake muslim" videos and reminds of of OP girl.

I always assume that people have at least some standards or dignity until they prove otherwise. Forgive me, cuckold user.

All of her photos are either half nudes or clothed photos at a fast food place.
Fucking hell, she just eats and takes half-nudes

>Implying the color of dick she had would affect the way her pussy feel
>Implying someone having had 18 dicks would stop me from fucking an 8. I've fucked 13 girls myself and if anything she has some experience

Your assumptions are retarded

Don't ruin this for me

Learn how to greentext faggot

13? Gotta get those numbers up bro. I’m at 19 rn.

is a faggot that’s had bad sex with 1-2 fat chicks and now has to degrade women to make himself feel better. Kys

>I’m at 19 rn
How many were willing?

Now she can get fat.

I'd go to mexico for those tits

Probably none, it's Sup Forums

Real men don’t force themselves onto women.

yes, we force ourselves into them.

True! Boy do I hope that she does porn while she is still hot.

The last thing you forced your virgin self into was a deep abyss of depression that will inevitably, hopefully, lead to your suicide. Lmfao

lets be honest, not a single on of us losers will ever fuck her so the closest thing is porn.
I think its time we meme her into becoming a pornstar

you oughta show movies with that MASSIVE PROJECTION

Dominican Poison?

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In the water, Bob.

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look at the way they hang. this chick is going to be hideous in 10 years. bloated, scarred. get it while its good, bros.